Ethan Bradberry And 5 Quick Facts You Must Know About Him

Ethan Bradberry And 5 Quick Facts You Must Know About Him

As the fame of YouTube is rising, so are the stars involved in the success of it like Ethan Bradberry who started the YouTube channel MoeAndET with his brother and gained popularity for the pranks shared on the channel.

Ethan Bradberry Biography

The YouTube sensation was born in Brooklyn, New York City on October 27, 1992, with the birth name Ethan Bradberry. He is said to be of French and Italian descent. Ethan is said to be the first child among five children and they include: two brothers named Omar and Moe Bradberry and two sisters but no details are yet available about their names nor the Youtube star’s parents. Also, not much is known about his early life nor his educational pursuits although with the trend he is taking on the internet, one can say he developed an interest in social media and has successfully created a presence online for which he is now known as the other half of the MoeAndET YouTube channel. His brother Moe Bradberry is also an Internet Sensation like him and the pair seem to share a strong bond while making money and having fun on the Internet.

Ethan Bradberry’s YouTube Career

The YouTube sensation launched his career on the video-sharing platform back in March 2014 when he started posting videos with his brother Moe on the YouTube channel they called MoeAndET. Their first video was titled Fighting Prank! – College Edition, the success of which prompted the duo to release other prank videos which include: Extreme Sitting On People Prank! (Girls Edition) and Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment). The youngster’s channel is said to have attracted over 1.4 million subscribers and more than 25 million views. In addition to the YouTube channel, he and his brother took another step to create a vlog channel named MoeAndETVlogs.

Ethan Bradberry And 5 Quick Facts You Must Know About Him
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Media Attacks And Criticisms

Like every other social media personality, Ethan had to face his fair share of social media attacks with his videos, especially, the video Would Your Child Know How To Escape A House Fire!? which he released on November 25th, 2015. The brothers in the video used a fog machine to experiment with how a child would react when faced with a fire incident in the house. The video received many views but there was also an incident in which another YouTuber wanted to ridicule Ethan’s work and it led to a remix video by another YouTuber on December 24, 2015, in which Ethan’s voice was presented in a repetitive manner. This sprout up rumors that the YouTube sensation does not create interesting nor original videos. This led Ethan to pair up with Hila Klien another YouTuber to create a reaction to the original video of Would Your Child Know How To Escape A House Fire!? with its main focus being on Ethan’s expressions in the video especially, his introductory statement which they talked about hilariously.

The day after he uploaded the video he created with Hila, VinnytotheK who is also YouTuber was said to release a video of Ethan’s prank which showed him introducing himself in a comic manner repetitively. Another YouTuber by the name of Nela uploaded her own version of Ethan’s video in which he was screaming his name as an introduction to his video. This resulted to numerous creations of the YouTube sensation’s opening statement to his videos which is ”I’m Ethan Bradberry” and sources have it that one will get more than 1000 results when you search for the statement which includes hilarious versions of audio clips alongside video remixes.

5 Quick Facts You Must Know About Ethan Bradberry

1. The internet star has a trademark of using family members in his videos to do his pranks and he has been linked with Roman Atwood, another Internet sensation who uses the same style.

2. His popular introduction to his videos on his channel is known to be ”I’m Ethan Bradberry”.

3. The YouTuber is known to be a devout Christian.

4. Ethan Bradberry’s sexual orientation is said to be straight and he tries to keep his romantic relationships off social media.

5. His distinctive feature is said to be his hair which is notable for its dark color and the manner he loves to style it.

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