Everything You Need To Know About Carolyn Jones

There are many who would really love to have the deceased actress Carolyn Jones grace our screens once again, hers was a life cut short. Despite the fact that she died over three and a half decades ago, she still lives in the heart of her fans, especially with the character she portrayed in The Adams Family – a TV series where she gave life to Morticia. Another of her movies that will forever remain green in memory is her role as Miss Lillian Smith in The Turning Point.

Before her early demise at 53, she already made a name for herself in the world of showbiz, her appearance in Road to Bali as Eunice was well received by the viewing public and portraying Deborah in Off Limits also recorded a good level of success for her. Carolyn was also part of the cast of How the West was Won, playing the role of Julie Rawlings. She recorded appearances in over thirty different TV series, clinching an Oscar nomination for her effort in the movie The Bachelor Party with just five minutes on-screen appearance.

Her Early Life

Born in Amarillo, Texas, Carolyn Jones was the daughter of Julius Alfred Jones, a barber and his housewife Chloe Jeanette Southern. Her date of birth is listed as 8th of April 1930. She had a younger sister Bette Rhea Jones, both of whom moved with their mum to join their grandparents in their Amarillo home when their dad abandoned the family. Despite her asthmatic condition which restricted her from many childhood activities, Carolyn exhibited notable talents as a child, winning a handful of awards for speech, dramatics, as well as poetry during her years in school. She resorted to reading Hollywood fan magazines anytime her condition stops her from going to the movies.

Carolyn Jones had always aspired to join the performing arts, so after her high school graduation which was accomplished at La Airosa High School, Amarillo, Texas, in 1947, her passion for entertainment propelled her to join the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse CA at age 15 which is three years below the required age for admission. Although her grandpa Charles W. Baker was willingly funding her tuition, Carolyn worked her way through some add jobs, especially in summer stock theatre to augment her income until her graduation in 1950.

Family, Spouse, Children

The late actress went through four marriages and three divorces during her lifetime. Her years at Pasadena Playhouse was not just spent studying alone, romance soon blossomed between her and her 28-year-old classmate Don Donaldson with whom she tied the nuptials on the 19th of August 1950. Their marriage did not last long enough as they were divorced soon after. She met and married Aaron Spelling during his struggling years as a TV producer. Carolyn Jones popped the big question herself when she noticed Aaron’s hesitance to propose and went ahead to change her religion to Aaron’s faith of Judaism. Their connubial life took off on the 10th of April 1953, ending in an amicable divorce which was finalized on the 6th of August 1965. Carolyn didn’t even request for any alimony and thus, remained very good friends with Don.

Her voice coach Herbert Green came on the scene 3 years later. Herbert is renowned as a co-producer, Broadway conductor, as well as musical director. The duo went into wedlock on the 19th of December 1968 and just like her two earlier marriages, Carolyn left him in 1977 when she decided to go back to Hollywood where she recorded tremendous success. Despite knowing that she was terminally ill from colon cancer, she dared to go into the 4th marriage with her longtime boyfriend Bailey Britton who is also an actor. They were officially married on the 25th of September 1982 and stayed together until her demise on the 3rd of August 1983. Her final wedding finery consisted of ribbon cap and lace to conceal her hair loss from chemo. Carolyn did not have any children as she didn’t want to combine her career with raising a family.

Body Measurements

The famed actress had several adjustments to her natural physical features, among which was a complete head-to-toe makeover. She went under the knife for an excruciating nose surgery just to look good on the screen. Although she was born a strawberry blonde, she changed to black hair for her role in the movie The Bachelor Party and retained it for many years. Her height was listed as 5 feet 6 inches and her eyes were blue in colour.

More Facts About Carolyn Jones

  • She was indeed a strong woman

Despite her colon cancer diagnosis, she finished season one of Capitol, playing several of her roles in a wheelchair.

  • She died at the age of 53

On the 3rd of August 1983, after she fell into a coma at her West Hollywood, California home, the actress passed on.

  • Carolyn was a chain smoker

Until 1984, Carolyn smoked three packs of cigarettes on a daily basis but when she quit, she never resumed the nicotine habit.

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