Everything You Need To Know About Christian Burns – The British Singer

Few musicians have been able to transition from one genre of music to another smoothly while still maintaining the same fan base and getting better at their craft, one of such musicians is the British singer, Christian Burns.

Christian Burns has had a career in music for more than two decades and in that time, he has created a name for himself, one that is to reckon with in the music industry; he has not just built a name but a legacy and an image as well.

Everything You Need To Know About British Singer Christian Burns

Christian Anthony Burns was born on the 18th of January in the town of Wigan which is located in Greater Manchester, England. Very little is known of his childhood, except for his parents. He is one of the three children his parents had together.

His career as a musician did not begin until the late 1990s when he became a member of a boy band based in England but he did not become popular until the early 2000s.

Burns’s journey with the BBMak

Christian Burns’ career in music started professionally with him being a member of the band BBMak; he was in this band with Stephen McNally and Mark Barry. The band rose to prominence in the early 2000s. Their single Back Here is their biggest hit till date and it introduced the band to the international music scene, the song topped the charts in the United States and was among the top five songs in the United Kingdom in the same month it was released. The introduction of their music to the United States created a new fan base for them. As a group, they sold close to three million records in the global music market.

The group split up in 2003, and Burns has described the disbanding as an event that happened organically as they each decided to try out something new. Of the three, Burns has maintained the biggest career since they split up. They have however reunited in 2018, and their next album as a band would be released on the 26th of April, 2019

His Famous Parents

Christian Burns is not the only famous member of his family as he is the son of the famous guitarist and singer Tony Burns. His father was part of the group The Signs and had worked with The Beatles before. Fame and talent is also something his mother, Ines Burns is no stranger to, as she was an actress, as well as a singer and she sometimes performed with her husband’s band.

Christian Burns grew up in an environment that fostered and nurtured him into becoming the musician he is known as today, he has stated that he learnt the guitar from watching his father play.


He is a relationship with Miranda Hird

Christian Burns is in love. A trip to his social media account loudly reveals that he has been in a longterm relationship with a certain model named Miranda Hird. The two have each taken turns to post loved-up photos of themselves. Hird, per her Instagram profile, is a model signed to Brand Talent. Hird is based in Los Angeles.

His successful transition between genres

When Christian Burns was a member of BBMak, the band sang pop songs as they were a pop band, but this changed for Burns, who when his solo career took off and he started to create music that belonged to the genre of Dance music. He has contributed his vocals to a number of dance-related songs and has worked with the Dutch DJ Tiesto on two tracks. His interest in Dance music started while he was a member of the band and he has had a pretty good career as a Dance musician, in an interview in 2015 he described the transition between the two genres as smooth.

Heavy use of his songs for movie soundtracks

In a strange turn of events, some of the songs that BBMak produced have been used in the soundtrack of movies or television shows. The first time this happened was in the 2001 film, The Princess Diaries. A total of five features on movies and television shows happened within the space of a year, right before the band’s split. None of his songs from his solo career has been featured on a movie or television show though.

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