Everything You Should Know About Rachel Platten’s Husband – Kevin Lazan

Everything You Should Know About Rachel Platten’s Husband – Kevin Lazan

It might not be easy to be married to a celebrity but Rachel Platten and her husband make it look like a piece of cake. The award-winning musician rose to fame with her 2015 single Fight Song. Thanks to the support of her husband, Kevin Lazan, who inspired her to persevere and not give up until her dreams became a reality; she is now a success story in the industry.

Today, the female singer has taken her rightful place at the very top in the entertainment industry; she has three studio albums which include several award-winning singles to her credit. After her rise to stardom in 2015, her third album Wildlife hit number five in the United States and the singles title Stand by You and Battle Song were listed on the Billboard Hot 100.

Rachel Platten consistently works hard and continues to earn her place as one of pop’s more spirited and authentic voices.

Rachel Platten: Biography

The celebrated singer, Rachel Ashley Platten, was born on the 20th of May, 1981, to Jewish parents Pamela and Paul Platten. Raised in Newton Center alongside her sister Melanie Platten, Rachel started experimenting with the piano at the tender age of five.

She was active in the school singing group during her years at Buckingham Browne and Nichols secondary school. Rachel later got admitted into Trinity College where she joined the Trinitones, which is the school’s all-female acapella group and in 2003, the songbird graduated with a B.A in International Relations. After graduation, she studied abroad and did her internship in Trinidad where she performed as one of the backups at the International Soca Monarch finals.


The emerging star took the decision to make a career out of music after performing as a backup singer at the International Soca Monarch finals. In 2003, the singer released her first album Trust in Me, and on the 26th of April 2011, her sophomore album Be Here came to light from the stables of Rock Ridge Music. Her single 1000 Ships hit no 24 on the list of US Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart and Fight Song from the album Wildfire, which she released in 2015, made it to number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and also clinched the 5th position in the US Billboard 200. By the third month of 2016, Rachel had already launched her third album which is still making waves in the world of music.

Everything You Should Know About Rachel Platten’s Husband – Kevin Lazan

Opposites do not just attract but when they do, they stay together forever. The marriage between the musician and the New York-based attorney, Kevin Lazan, surely lends credence to this saying. The duo met in New York City when Rachel was just a budding musician and Kevin was a young promising lawyer. According to the entertainer, it was love at first sight; the two immediately connected and began their relationship which has survived many years.

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Kevin Lazan, who is a year older than his wife, was born in Florida. His mother, Judi, is a realtor while his father, David, was a lawyer. Kevin attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in legal studies and journalism. In 2010, he received his MBA degree from NYU Stern School of Business, with a focus on strategy and finance.

Like Rachel, Kevin is of the Jewish faith.

Kevin and Rachel Platten got married in 2010 at Mount Hope Farm Bristol, Rhode Island in a traditional Jewish ceremony. From what the songwriter told her fans, they had the wedding on a farm because they wanted to create a uniqueness and glamour distinct from what one would normally expect a wedding to look like.

The couple has sustained their marriage for all of 10 years and still counting – which is never easy in the entertainment industry. Even after a decade, they are still head over heels in love and the thought of divorce or separation seems to get further and further away from them. Presently, they live in Santa Monica, California with their dog, Dino, which they love like a child.

Presently, the two do not have any children together.

In 2016, Kevin left his very lucrative job as a financial consultant to open a neighborhood café. Against all odds, the café has become successful and is a must-visit destination in Westside LA.

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