Facts About A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, Plot & Filming Location

Facts About A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, Plot & Filming Location

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood stands out for its unique storyline, a story that resonates well with not only journalists but also anyone and everyone. Director Marielle Heller is to thank for doing a great job in taking viewers through the life of the TV legend Fred Rogers. Although portrayed by someone else, the film surely rates excellent in terms of telling the story of Rogers. Fred Rogers died so many years ago, but we are reminded of his legacy with this film. Find out more as you read on.

Plot and Filming Location of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks acted as Fred Rogers while Matthew Ryhs acted as Lloyd Vogel. Lloyd a reputable journalist works with Esquire and has been asked to do a profile on the iconic Fred Rogers. Lloyd feels it was going to be yet another regular encounter with a celebrity but this becomes one of his best encounters in life. Vogel an angry and aggressive man refuses at first to take up the job assigned to him by his editor.

But his boss makes him do it as a way of adding more significance to his presence. The journalist goes to New York and then to Pittsburgh at WQED where Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood is shot. Vogel perceives Rogers as the cunning type who may be evasive with him and his questions. In fact, he doesn’t like Rogers’s idea and wants to avoid the assignment by all means. He accepts it anyway. Meeting Rogers with an injury he acquired during a fight with his dad he feels uncomfortable as the TV icon inquires about it. An interesting twist in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood gradually ensues as Vogel begins to find out what an amazing man his interviewee is.

The film, however, does not solely focus on the life of Rogers. From Lloyd’s perspective, viewers together with the journalist have an inspirational experience with the TV icon. What would have been a simple or regular celebrity profile, ended up being a cover story for Esquire, written with hands greatly touched by Rogers’ all so unique life and lifestyle.

The filming of the movie commenced in Pittsburgh in September 2018. To film the movie, the crew also went to the home of Fred Rogers’ show at Fred Rogers Studio at WQED (TV). The movie was also filmed at the Jewish Community Center in Squirrel Hill.

Facts About A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, Plot & Filming Location
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Other Facts About A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Tom Hanks Went the Extra Mile

Call it the obviously expected or regular preparations for a movie role, but Hollywood actor Tom Hanks deserves a thumbs up for his efforts towards bringing his character to life. It is not wrong to say that anyone who watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood would claim to know Fred to an extent. That of course is common with hosts of long-running shows. But to perfectly bring Rogers back to life, Hanks went to the Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The renowned actor sourced archives of the TV icon. Tom Hanks also viewed lots and lots of clips of the actor behind the scenes and on set as well to help him prepare for the role in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.

Notable Cameos

In the epic film, we get to see some family members and friends of Fred Rogers making cameo appearances. Rogers’ wife Joanne made an appearance in the movie. Also, the producer of Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood Margy Whitmer, head of Family Communications Bill Isler, and David Newell all made appearances in the movie.


From many indications, A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood has received universal acclaim and has been touted as a film that purely relates to the common man. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film rates an admirable 96 percent from a total of 71 reviews and has an average rating of 7.95/10. Many would rate this film a 10 after viewing it.

Premiere and Release

Already, the movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2019. The movie will be officially released on November 22, 2019. There is so much to expect and viewers across the globe are waiting in anticipation.

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