Fiona Gubelmann – Bio, Height, Net Worth, Siblings, Spouse – Alex Weed

There is a big chance that if there is a television series you absolutely love to binge watch, Fiona Gubelmann has been on it. The actress has only been around in a professional capacity since 2003, but she has already garnered a portfolio big enough to rival some of the more established names in the entertainment industry. Fiona has been in entertainment her whole life, from dancing to stage plays and then to television and film.

She is known for her work on projects like The Good Doctor, Wilfred, Employee of the Month, and Blades of Glory. She made her debut in 2003 with the series The Mullets and has also recorded guest roles in popular series like Parenthood, Family Guy, The Closer, and CSI: NY.

Fiona Gubelmann’s Bio

The actress was born in Santa Monica, California, on March 30, 1980. She was born Fiona Victoria Gubelmann. Growing up, she always had a love for acting and dancing. Owing to that, her mother got her a personal dance tutor to coach her. Fiona made her amateur acting debut at the age of four when she was part of the cast of The Cabbage Patch Kids, a ballet stage production. Every year, she honed her talent by involving herself at drama camps and local theatre productions, both in her community and for her school’s drama department.

For her high school education, the actress studied at Torrey Pines High School in Del Mar, California. She subsequently enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles. Here, she was initially doing a pre-medical major but would eventually switch to theatre. After her time at UCLA came to an end, she went on to study acting at Beverly Hills Playhouse, where she teamed up with the Katselas Theatre Company.

Fiona Gubelmann made her debut on an episode of The Mullets in a role that she was credited simply as The Valley Girl. The following year, she was Bobbie Jean Banks in an episode of Cold Case and in the same year, she was also cast in the short project Honeybunny, and as Alice in the action comedy Blue Demon. Her first role on the big screen came when she played Amber in the dramedy Employee of the Month(2004). She followed this up by playing Daphne in the 2005 film Horror High.

The actress resumed her guest appearance roles by appearing on series such as Knight Rider (2008), Californication (2009), The Closer (2009), Joey (2005), and The Mountain (2004). Blades of Glory is Fiona Gubelmann’s biggest feature film yet. She joined the cast of the movie as the character known as Woodlands Fairie. The movie starred names like Jon Heder and and was a commercial success.

Gubelmann was in Sex Tax: Based on a True Story as Tina, and Downstream as Tabitha, both in 2010. The next year, she was on the television comedy Wilfred as Jenna Mueller. The actress appeared in a total of 35 episodes across its four seasons from 2011 to 2014. In the wake of Wilfred, Fiona also made the time to add more guest roles to her acting portfolio. She was Sandy in two episodes of Parenthood (2011), and Erika in an episode of Criminal Minds (2012). She also appeared on Modern Family (2014), Animal Practice (2013), and Family Guy (2012).

In 2017, she had a five-episode stint as the character Lori in Netflix’s comedy series One Day at a Time. The following year, she played Dr. Morgan Reznick in a recurring capacity on the first season of ABC’s popular medical drama The Good Doctor. Ahead of the second season, Fiona Gubelmann was promoted to the main cast. In the same year, she also worked together with Australian actor Ben Lawson on the set of the romantic comedy film The Way We Weren’t.

Her Siblings, Spouse – Alex Weed

Very little is known about the members of Fiona’s family. Her mother’s name is Victoria Gubelmann, and her father is Stephen Gubelmann. Through their union, she also has a sister known as Alex Gubelmann.

Fiona Gubelmann is married to American actor Alex Weed. It is not clear when the pair got married, however, they met each other when they were both students at the University of California, Los Angeles. Fiona and Alex have some common projects in their respective acting portfolios. They have both been on CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, and Horror High. They appeared together on a single episode of the reality series House Hunters Revolution in 2014.

Her Height and Body Measurements

The actress from California has a height that fits her into the category of people of average height. Fiona Gubelmann stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, which translates to 1.70 m. She also maintains a healthy and athletic weight of around 59 kg (130 lb). The actress has dark brown hair color and green eyes. As for her body measurements, she has a bust size of 34 inches; a waist size of 25 inches, and a hip size of 35 inches.


What is Fiona Gubelmann’s Net Worth?

Fiona Gubelmann has been in enough television and film projects to have earned herself a decent net worth. Most of her projects see her play involved in a single episode or recurring roles on many series. Besides her role on Blades of Glory, Fiona has not yet appeared in any movies that deliver fat paychecks. As a result, many online sources peg her net worth at $1.5 million.

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