Flex Wheeler Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, Height And Other Facts You Need To Know

Flex Wheeler Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, Height And Other Facts You Need To Know

Flex Wheeler is one guy who has pushed his body almost to the brink of an explosion. The bodybuilding masterpiece his body has become is simply the stuff of dreams. Powered by incredible determination and consistency, Flex has literally flexed his body muscles to their utmost maximum.

Flex Wheeler Bio (Age)

Kenneth Flex Wheeler is a famous American IFBB professional bodybuilder who was born on the 23rd of August 1965. Flex was born and raised in a small town called Fresno in California. Born into excruciating poverty, Flex battled dyslexia, child abuse, and suicidal tendencies but found well-deserved solace in sports.

His issues with dyslexia in high school meant education and academics were always going to be a struggle. However, Wheeler discovered weight training during his teenage years and started both martial arts and bodybuilding.

In his personal memos, Wheeler regards himself first as a martial artist before bodybuilding. For someone with his body mass, Wheeler is known for his remarkable flexibility. He has the ability to do complete splits which earned him the nickname The Sultan of Symmetry.

For a brief period after High School, Flex went into law enforcement, he had a short career as a police officer before he decided to refocus and pursue his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. Although he had been competing since 1983, it was not until he won first place at the NPC Mr. California Championships in 1989 that people began taking notice of him of his impressive talent.

His career could have been over before it actually ever began when he was involved in a ghastly car crash in 1994 which almost left him with lifelong paralysis. Wheeler’s life went from bad to worse when in 1999 he was discovered to have a rare kidney disease known as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

For athletes, consistency is probably the most underrated attribute required for prolonged success, with his growing health challenges, maintaining the high levels of consistent fitness required became almost impossible, Flex slipped into depression and his slow journey to the end of elite bodybuilding had begun.

After his diagnosis, a debate ensued in the media about the course of his kidney problems, there were insinuations that his use of steroids was catching up with him. Wheeler insisted that his condition was hereditary. As a result of chronic health conditions, Flex Wheeler had to announce his retirement from professional and competitive bodybuilding in 2000 but he continued competing until he stopped finally in 2003.

His retirement in 2003 was not the last time the professional bodybuilding community would hear from Flex. He wasn’t just another athlete, this was one of the greatest bodybuilders the sport had ever seen, beyond that, his obsession with fitness was astounding.

In 2017 Flex made a comeback to the only title that had eluded him – Mr. Olympia, Sadly,  he finished a lowly 15th place. A serial winner, Flex realized there was no point fighting when his body was slowing down.

Flex Wheeler Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, Height And Other Facts You Need To Know
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He bowed out of professional bodybuilding and decided to focus on his martial arts career, with emphasis on Tae Kwon Do, Kempo, and Aikido.

Wife, Family

Flex Wheeler married his longtime girlfriend Madeline Wheeler in the spring of 1997 and the couple had a son – Darius Wheeler. Flex Wheeler’s parents are Owen and Gloria Wheeler.

Height And Body Measurements

Flex stands at around 5 ft 10 1/2inches (1.79 meters). His arm Size is certainly one of the biggest and so huge that most greenhorn bodybuilders can only attempt to have such. His arms are 58 cm, while his leg Size is 80 cm. His Chest size measures 138 cm.

Net Worth

Flex Wheeler has a Net Worth of about $2.2 million. His major sources of income could be narrowed down to sponsorships from nutrient brands and prize money earnings.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Flex Wheeler

After a Kidney transplant in 2003, he participated in the 2005 Arnold Classic. He received praise from the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger who called Flex the best bodybuilder he had ever seen.

According to Flex, Jet Lee and Jackie Chan had the greatest influences on his career.

Flex Wheeler is a 5-time Ironman Pro winner, a 4-time Arnold Classic winner, and has won the France Grand Prix, South Beach Pro Invitational, Night of Champions, and Hungarian Grand Prix. He is also the winner of the 1996 Florida Cup Pro

In spite of his impressive laurels, what continued to elude Flex Wheeler was Mr. Olympia which he has narrowly missed out on three times, coming in second place in 1993, 1998, and 1999.