Full Profile of NU’EST Members and Everything We Know About Them

NU’EST is a popular boy band in South Korea that was created by Pledis Entertainment and it comprises of five members- JR, Baekho, Aron, Ren, and Minhyun. The widely acclaimed band is well known for making music in Kpop, dance-pop and R&B genre.
NU’EST released their first group single, ‘Face’, on March 15, 2012. The band also released an EP titled ‘Action’ in July 2012 and they went global immediately after dropping their EP. More so, their management has taken them on various tours covering Japan, the United States of America and Australia.

The successes recorded by this Kpop group have been matched by the many prestigious awards and nominations that they have received over the years. The famous boy band has also signed several endorsements deals as well as honorary recognitions from established civil organizations. Learn more about the NU’EST members in this piece.

Profile of NU’EST Members

1. JR

JR was born on June 8th, 1995, in Kangwon-do, South Korea and his real name is, Kim Jong Hyun. He doubles as both the leader and face of the band. He also holds the positions of main group rapper and dancer in NU’EST.

Pledis Entertainment first recruited Hyun when they began forming NU’EST. Hyun’s skill in playing the piano, clarinet, flute, tuba, clarinet, and other musical instruments played a great role in his selection. More so, ever since JR joined the group, he has gone to improve significantly in writing lyrics and his Japanese have also improved.

With regards to his physique, JR stands tall a height of 1.76 m which is equivalent to 5 ft 9 Inches. The celebrity singer possesses a slender body frame owing to his body weight of 58 kg. We gathered that the NU’EST leader loves reading manhwa and playing video games during his spare time. It is also known that his role models are BigBang and Eminem.

2. Aron

Aron is the stage name adopted by NU’EST member, Aaron Kwak who was born in Los Angeles, California on May 21, 1993. However, he is known in South Korea as Kwak Young Min. Aaron was initially set to study Journalism at the prestigious New York University but turned it down to accept Pledis’ proposal to be a member of NU’EST.

This talented musician stands at a height of 1.73 meters which is equivalent to 5 ft 8 inches and he weighs 57 kg. It is also known that Aron lookup to TVXQ and Anthony Hamilton as his role models.

3. Baekho

Baekho was born on July 21, 1995, in Jeju, South Korea and he was christened Kang Dong Ho at birth by his parents. He was brought on by Pledis Entertainment to feature as one of the main vocalists in NU’EST. His fans nicknamed him Sexy Bandit and Eye-Smiled Prince.

It is also known that the artiste is quite skilled in fencing in addition to being a song composer. More so, before joining NU’EST Baeko had participated in the reality television show Produce 101- where he got the nickname Sexy Bandit. He has also served as vocal director for PRISTIN for their debut album. The star vocalist role models are and DBSK.

4. Minhyun

Minhyun’s stage name was gotten from his real name- Hwang Min Hyun. He was born on August 9, 1995, in Busan, South Korea and he is notable for his dashing looks as well as the gallant height of 5 ft 11 inches which have attracted many lady fans to him.

The widely celebrated vocalist is specialized in playing the piano as well as in composing and writing lyrics. Minhyun is regarded by fans and fellow NU’EST members as the mom of the group – owing to the excess care he shows the other members. It was also gathered that before joining the group, he had previously starred in the film Shanghai Romance where he was nicknamed Shanghai Boy.

5. Ren

Choi Min Ki, popularly known as Ren by his fans, was born in Busan, South Korea on November 3, 1995. Ren had previously participated as a contestant on Produce 101 where he received the nickname Shoulder Gangster. As a member of NU’EST, Ren features as a vocalist and Maknae. He considers and as his role models.

Other Facts You Need To Know About NU’EST

1. Awards and Accolades

The successes recorded by the R&B group have been matched by the many prestigious awards and nominations that they have received over the years. Some of the awards they have received include Artist of the Year and Fan N Star Choice Award at 2019 The Fact Music Awards. NU’EST was also named ‘Best Potential Group’ at the 2015 Migu Music Awards.

2. Filmography

The award-winning group has also plied its trade in television and film ventures asides their regular business of making music. They starred in MBC’s reality television show titled Making of a Star: Landing Operation which premiered in 2012. The K-pop boy band was also the star of their own reality shows- Nu’est in Love (2013), Nu’est Latin Dream Show (2014), Nu’est Private life (2016) and Nu’est Road (2019). However, their only film engagement to date was on Japanese film Their Distance released in 2015.

3. Other Ventures

Prior to the group’s debut, the members of the group have been seen once or twice in music videos of other artists and music bands, television commercials and even as fashion models for designers. They featured as back-up dancers for fellow Korean group, After School, in their Wonder Boy music video. NU’EST also appeared on the Pledis Entertainment Christmas release titled ‘Love Letter’.

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