Fuller House Season 5 Cast And Characters We Need to See

Fuller House Season 5 Cast And Characters We Need to See

In recent years, there has been an upswing in the number of remakes and nostalgia-driven sequels of classic films and shows in Hollywood, and while a lot of them have been met with apathy and in some cases, anger, some have been successful, like the Netflix-produced Fuller House, which is a sequel to the late 80s/early 90s sitcom, Full House. Fuller House began to air in February 2016 and has aired four seasons with its fifth and final season expected to air sometime in the latter parts of 2019. For fans of the show, the fifth season represents a chance to witness new storylines and enjoy the cast and characters of the show one last time. In this article, we will take a look at Fuller House season 5 cast and characters that fans would love to see. Check it out.

The Storyline of Fuller House

Fuller House follows the same plot structure as its predecessor, Full House, which aired for eight seasons in 192 episodes. It was the story of a sports anchor named Danny Turner who enlisted his brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, and his best friend, Joey Gladstone to help raise his three young daughters after the passing of his wife, Pam. As each season progressed, members of the makeshift family grew closer to one another.

In Fuller House, the primary genders were reversed but the story remains. The series follows a veterinarian, D.J Tanner-Fuller, who recently lost her firefighter husband, Tommy. Her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, and her sister, Stephanie Tanner, offer to help to raise her three young sons, and together they live in a house.

Other than the similarity in the storyline, D.J Tanner-Fuller, in Fuller House, also lives in the same house in San Francisco, California as Danny Turner did in Full House.

The modern spin on the nostalgia-driven show has been well-received by fans of the original as well as new entrants into the world of the Tanner-Fuller family. The show has received over ten award nominations, including the Primetime Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards for Favourite Premium Comedy Series, winning at least four of them.

Fuller House’s Season 5 Cast and Characters We Need to See

With the exception of the fourth season, every Fuller House season thus far has seen a cameo appearance from cast and characters from the original show, and with Fuller House wrapping up its time on air in 2019, there are still a bunch of characters from the original that are yet to make an appearance on the show, who we definitely need to see before the show is over.

Fuller House Season 5 Cast And Characters We Need to See
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We already know that every cast member of Fuller House will be returning for the fifth and final season, with a strong possibility that Lori Loughlin, who plays Aunty Becky on the show, would not be returning because of her college admissions scandal.

So, who would we like to see?

Tahj Mowry – Teddy

Tahj Mowry played Teddy on the original show, appearing in 14 episodes throughout the series. And while he was a child actor at the time, he is still an active actor who has appeared in several shows since, and certainly not too busy to be one of the Fuller House season 5 cast even if he just makes a two minutes cameo.

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Played by the famous Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, one of the biggest parts of Full House that the world of Fuller House could use a cameo from is Mary-Kate/Ashley. The twins were a prominent cast of the original show, sharing the role of Michelle Turner. Sadly, they have retired from acting since 2012 but a one-time appearance would be amazing.

Yvonne Wilder – Grandma Irene

Even though Yvonne Wilder has not appeared in front of a camera since 1993 when she appeared in the video, Dorf Goes Fishing, as Mrs. Dorf, she is still alive and when there is life, there is hope. Fans would love to see her reprise her role as Grandma Irene Katsopolis again, even if it is just an episode.

Blake McIver Ewing – Derek

Fans of Full House got to fall in love with Derek in just nine episodes, and a good reason for that was his dashing looks. Thankfully, Blake McIver Ewing, who played the character still maintains his incredible looks, and ‘the world would be a better place if he would be a part of Fuller House season 5 cast.

Whit Hertford – Walter

In just three episodes, Whit Hertford invented the duck face that has lasted generations on Full House. A return in an episode or two on the fifth season of Fuller House to see how his invention has changed the world would make for a great sequence. Do it, Netflix!

Other casts and their respective characters we would like to see include Rigby the Rhino, Mickey played by Molly Morgan, Aaron played by Miko Hughes, Rusty played by Jordan Christopher Michael, and Rusty’s mother, Cindy, played Debra Sandlund.