Geko Biography – Everything You Need To Know

Geko Biography – Everything You Need To Know

Watching his younger brother die slowly from the treatments that were supposed to save him from the claws of death, the English rapper, Geko, was so traumatized he believed he would suffer the same fate as his little brother. He believed some doctors told him he had only one year to live, so he shared the death news with his fans sometime in 2017. That was two years ago and the rapper is still going strong, which has left many wondering what happened. If you are one of those, you will get your answers shortly as you read on.

For the rest of us who want to learn more about his booming career and stance in the music industry, you sure won’t be left disappointed. Here’s a little fact about the rapper – at an age when most of his mates were playing with toys and following cartoons, Geko was already writing rhymes and churning out raps lyrics. He showed interest in music at the age of 8 and becoming a teenager, he joined the musical group known as USG before going solo years later. It was while with the music outfit that he hit a homer with the public, garnering a huge fan base on YouTube.

Since then, he has recorded tremendous success in the industry, working with other notable stars like Big Sean and Tinie Tempah. He is known for singles such as Heartless and Crazy Life.

Geko’s Biography

The rapper was born on the 15th day of June in the year 1997 in Manchester, the United Kingdom. He was given the name Hodifa Abdalla. Not much has been revealed about his parents but they have been identified as Africans. His father is Libyan while his mother is from Algeria. He has one known sibling, a younger brother named Abdul Ali who died from liver cancer in 2010.

Geko has quite an interesting educational record. It is not known which of the schools he attended but it is on record that he was kicked out of school. Notwithstanding, he still came out with seven GCSEs. He proceeded to college and graduated with a degree in business.

To lose a loved one is a life-transforming experience that often leaves the living with deep thoughts and grief. Following the death of his brother, Geko took to music to overcome his grief, thereby, officially launching his music career. Before then, he sang for fun, often spitting bars with friends. However, the loss changed his outlook in life, and from then, he started writing songs with more meaningful lyrics.

He joined Urban Sound Gallery (USG), the music outfit that constitutes producers and singers. Geko was the youngest member of the group then and sang with the likes of K Keko and worked with the band for three years. He became the youngest rapper to ever record a BBC Radio 1 Fire in the Booth Session with DJ Charlie Sloth. The show puts the spotlight on the best lyricists across the country. With inspirations from USG groups and oldies such as Tupac, Ice Cube, and Biggie, he left to pursue a solo career.

Geko signed with UK-based independent label OneTape Records in 2014. His debut single, Heartless peaked at #9 on the iTunes chart. It was followed by another hard-hitter, Crazy Life. Since then, he has released other smash hits including Baba, Love Me, Vibe, Talent, and Over & Under; as well as an album titled LionHeart in March 2017. He is on a steady rise and has gradually established his position as one of the most exciting stars in the UK music scene. His fast success in the industry can’t but amaze his teeming fans and audience.

Geko Biography – Everything You Need To Know
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Thing You Need To Know About Geko The Rapper

Cancer Diagnosis

Geko made a tweet in 2017 claiming that doctors had revealed he only had one year to live following his cancer diagnosis. It was later found to be untrue. To that, the Baba singer explained that at the time, he was on medication and struggling with mental health and did not even remember making the tweet. Read the whole story here. Regardless of that, the rapper seems to be in a good place now.

Geko Has a Mindset That Is Admirably Above His Age

Besides going for music and songwriting at an age when his mates were selecting toys and watching cartoons, his musical preferences also goes a long way to explain that he has grey head sitting on his young neck. unlike most young people, Geko doesn’t listen to modern rappers, the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean or 2 Chainz, he is exclusively old school. He is still young but musically, he belongs to the older generations.

His Social Media Presence

Geko has managed to remain in the spotlight, spawning hits after hits; indeed, he is a force to reckon with on UK’s rap scene. His fans have fallen in love with not just his talent but also with his raw ambition and perseverance. This can be seen in the number of followings he has amassed across various social media platforms. He has more than 61k followers on Twitter with a whopping 289k on Instagram.

Does Geko Have a Girlfriend?

This is definitely one mystery fans can’t wait to unravel. Unfortunately, nothing much has been heard about him on the relationship front. He once tweeted that he doesn’t have a girlfriend some years ago. Perhaps, it could be because he wants to concentrate on his career at the moment.