Gemma Styles: 5 Facts You Need To Know About Harry Styles Sister

It is no hidden secret that English singer, songwriter, and actor Harry Styles has an older sister named Gemma Styles. The two are pretty close and fond of each other. To show how close the two are – most times, they are seen attending functions together or just hanging out.

During the Another Man A/W launch back in 2016, Harry appeared with a mystery date who was later discovered to be none other than his lovely sister Gemma.

Harry has 3 tattoos that are based on Gemma – a letter “G” on his arm, an iced gem, and her name written in Hebrew. Gemma, on the other hand, has 4 tattoos, one of which has the letter “H” in Morse code, as well as the letter “A”, and that is how close the siblings are, they watch out for each other and are never ashamed to show off their love for each other, even in public.

Gemma, like her little brother, is also popular but don’t you go thinking she gained her popularity because of her brother as that is not the case. Gemma Styles is a hard-working woman who has equally made a name for herself, well, not in the music and movie industry like her brother, but in other interesting areas. Below are a brief bio and five other facts you should know about the older Styles.

Gemma Styles – Brief Bio

Styles was born in Evesham, Worcestershire, England on the 3rd of December 1990 to Anne Cox and Des Styles. She is the first of her parents’ children. Her younger brother – English singer, songwriter, and actor Harry Styles was born four years after her.

Her parents separated in 2000 when she was just 10 years old and her mother remarried in 2013. Growing up, Gemma lived in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England, and schooled at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, alongside her little brother Harry.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Harry Styles Sister

  • Gemma Is A College Graduate

The older Styles didn’t just stop as a high school grad. After high school, she proceeded to Sheffield Hallam University, South Yorkshire, England, where she bagged a First Class Honors Degree and a Qualified Teacher Status in Genetics. Harry was at her graduation ceremony and posted a photo on his Instagram page.

  • She Is A Writer

Gemma Styles is a freelance journalist who has worked for different media outlets including U.K’s The Debrief, writing on interesting topics like “Could You Handle Dating a Royal?”. She has also written on other interesting areas like technology and millennials and aired her opinion on online dating and bad social media habits.

Styles also writes for MTV U.K where she covers topics that deal with social consciousness. Gemma wrote a feature article on the 23rd Edition of Another Man Magazine. In the article, she talked about her early life and what growing up with Harry was like. She occasionally appeared on Matt Bellassai’s Buzzfeed show Whine About It.

  • Gemma Styles Is A Fashion Icon

If you follow Gemma on Twitter or Instagram, you will surely agree that the Brit does have a thing for fashion and loves to look good. In addition to her huge social media followership, Styles also has a Tumblr site: where she also showcases her sartorial elegance.

  • She Is The Founder Of The Girl Crush Movement

Gemma launched the #GirlCrush movement earlier in 2016 in partnership with Nobody’s Child. According to her, the aim of the movement/campaign is to push women to appreciate the substance of a person and not just their Instagram photos.

Explaining further what the campaign is all about, Gemma stated that a girl crush doesn’t have to be a perfect person but someone who has got talents, accepts herself, and is unapologetic about who she is.

  • Relationship Timeline

You are certainly not thinking the blonde beauty is single, are you? Well, if you thought so, we are sorry to disappoint you because Gemma is off the market. She is in a relationship with social media star Michal Mlynowski who she has been dating for a few years now.

Mlynowski gained online popularity through his relationship with Gemma Styles. He joined social media for the first time in 2015 by creating a Twitter account and an Instagram page which has so far garnered over 48k followers.

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