Georgia Hardstark Married, Husband, Tattoo, Drunk History, Bio, Wiki

Georgia Hardstark Married, Husband, Tattoo, Drunk History, Bio, Wiki

Georgia Hardstark is an American television host and Podcast Personality, most famous for My Favourite Murder, a podcast she co-created, which has gone on to record huge successes among the podcast community. She has credited – on a regular basis – some YouTube channels like Drinks with Alie and Georgia, Unique Sweets, Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia, including a host of others. She is also the author of Vintage Cocktails with a Twist: 75 Traditional and Reinvented Drinks, which she co-authored with Alie Ward.

Georgia Hardstark Bio

Georgia Hardstark was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on 8 June 1980. She grew up with her mother, Janet Hardstark, and a sister, Leah Hardstark. She is an American of white Caucasian ethnicity.

Georgia Hardstark is known to be funny and nerdy. She has a perfect body shape and measurement and is quite tall for a woman.

Georgia Hardstark Married, Husband, Tattoo, Drunk History, Bio, Wiki
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Georgia Hardstark Married, Husband

Georgia Hardstark got married on March 5, 2016, to her husband – Vince Averill – whom she had dated for several years prior to that time. Known to be similar in their tastes, as well as in their reserved personalities and temperaments, the couple got married in a non-conventional way. She made herself up, walked herself down the aisle, and they got married without a wedding party.

They had worked together for so long, complimenting each other. He always helped her to create comic videos for her YouTube channel, even though they had always lived so far away from each other.

On Social Media, she frequently shares images of both of them, and any one of her 170+ thousand followers on both Instagram and Twitter already knows that they live together with two cats.

In 2016, following a rumor that she was pregnant – which excited her fans to no end – Georgia Hardstark denied the rumor, putting it to rest.

Salary and Net worth

From her YouTube channels, Georgia has amassed quite a good following as well as goodwill. Her net worth is not documented, but estimates put her well past the million-dollar mark.

Her recent product, My Favourite Murder, has seen so much success, hitting very high ratings on iTunes. In 2016, it was rated the second overall best by Entertainment Weekly.

Before she came to become famous, Georgia Hardstark worked as a full-time administrator, while simultaneously blogging about food.

Georgia Hardstark Tattoo

Georgia Hardstark is known for her love for tattoos. She has real beauty on her leg and loves to show it off on social media. According to Hardstark, her one-time friend Barbara influenced her to get a tattoo. On her blog, she wrote:

Georgia Hardstark Married, Husband, Tattoo, Drunk History, Bio, Wiki

“Barbara was a bad influence, and conveniently I was bored of suburban life and craving bad influence. We became friends quickly.”

She went on to say that both friends bonded over their “all-encompassing, flannel-clad obsession with Nirvana.”

She went on to tell the story of how they experimented with tattoos, and how her love for inked skin – especially her own skin – has developed into an art for her.

“Everywhere we went, we’d do so with our arms linked – mine looped through hers – and our heads tilted towards one another so our conspiratorial conversations wouldn’t be overheard. 

“I remember straddling her as she lay face-down on her couch one afternoon. We had ditched class like always, and her single mother was at work. She wanted the word “Love” carved into her back, she told me as she held a lighter to a razor blade to disinfect it, before handing it over to me. I pressed as lightly as possible, barely drew any blood, but I remember thinking how stupid she was for doing that. She was the dominant one in our relationship though, more of a boyfriend to me than a friend, so I didn’t tell her this.”

She went on to talk about the wildlife she lived in while growing up. How she’d been a wild thing, going from party to party, drinking, and having sex. Unfortunately for their relationship, it ended with a boy.

She wrote:

“Underneath the large tattoo on my leg, now covered by a Japanese flower, are her initials. With a safety pin and Indian ink, we carved each other’s initials into our legs at the height of our friendship, which not long after came to a screeching halt over a guy.”

Georgia Hardstark’s Drunk History

Drunk History is a TV series on Comedy Central, where a drunk narrator recounts a famous historical moment, which is then reenacted by actors but still voiced by the drunk person.

Georgia Hardstark Married, Husband, Tattoo, Drunk History, Bio, Wiki

It is a fun show, really, because the drunk narrator on-screen eventually gets to do a lot of silly things they wouldn’t do while sober. Under the influence, people have been known to say and do really crazy things on-screen during the show.

Georgia Hardstark was featured on the show sometime in the past, on the “Nashville” episode, and – together with her friend Alie Ward – they cracked their audience with a gripping and altogether hilarious take on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Fans and viewers of Drunk History still believe that Georgia Hardstark and Alie Ward’s episode is still the best to date.