Gil Gerard – Bio, Son, Age, Spouse, Parents, Height, Net Worth
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Gil Gerard is a famous actor who launched into the spotlight with his appearance in the American science fiction Buck Rogers in the 25th century. Aside from his brilliant performance in films, Gil has also been used in several commercial adverts over the years and had in the past held the position of Spokesperson for the popular brand Ford Motors.

His brilliance in entertainment has ensured that Gil is not the only entertainer in his family as his son, Gib Gerard is also a top-notch actor as well as a widely acclaimed producer who has garnered a high profile for himself in the Hollywood film industry. Have a quick insight into Gil’s life as we continue to unfold facts about him below.

Gil Gerard Bio (Age)

The American veteran actor who was born with the full name Gilbert C Gerrard first came into the world on the 23rd of January 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. While growing up, he got enrolled in an all-boys Catholic high school with the name Little Rock High school, and that was where he got into acting. Upon graduation from high school, he proceeded to Maryknoll Seminary, in Illinois, where he featured in a play production The Music Man. Later on, he got admitted into the University of Central Arkansas but was unable to graduate as he quit before graduation.

Gil Gerard’s Career Timeline

The veteran actor started working initially as a Chemist in a chemical company owned by governor Winthrop Rockefeller, and within a short while, he was promoted to a Regional Manager. However, after some years, he left the firm because his employers needed a Masters’s Degree holder to head a higher position in the company which he could not go for as he did not have any degree and he did not want to make that fact known. Subsequently, Gil Gerard moved to New York City and took up some professional classes in acting while working as a cab driver. Fate made him meet someone during his taxi runs that got him a small role in the film Love Story, however, the role he was singled out for was not added in the eventual movie’s post-production.

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Over time, Gil Gerard started appearing in several television commercials after which he starred in movies like Some of My Best Friends Are…, Man on a Swing, and the sitcom The Doctors during his early career days in the film business. Later on, as his fame increased, he was featured in other television series like Ransom For Alice, Little House on the Prairie, Hawaii Five-O, and Killing Stone. However, it was his appearance in the television series Buck Rogers as Captain William Buck Rogers that made him immensely popular.

Subsequently, he was seen in other television series like Hear No Evil, Sidekicks, E.A.R.T.H. Force, Fish Police, Brotherly Love, The Big Easy, Days of Our Lives, Pacific Blue and so many others. More so, Gil Gerard has not only starred in television series but also in movies like Dire Wolf as Col. Hendry, Blood Fare as Professor Meade, Boldly Gone as Ben, The Nice Guys as Bergen Paulsen, and Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel as Harold Harris to name but a few.

Gil Gerard Net Worth

From his thriving film career during the ’70s to recent times, the veteran actor has been able to amass a tidy sum of about $1 million as his net worth.

Gil Gerard – Bio, Son, Age, Spouse, Parents, Height, Net Worth

Family: Parents, Spouse (s), Son

The American famed actor was born and raised by his parents; Frank Gerard, a vendor, and Gladys Gerrard, a school teacher.

Concerning his marital status, Gil Gerard got married in 1979 to Connie Sellecca, an award-winning actress, producer as well as a top model. However, eight years down the road, the pair filed for divorce and to the amazement of many, Gil tied the knot with Bobi Leonard the same year he divorced Connie Sellecca but like his first marriage, this one also ended in divorce.

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Gil is known to have only one son who was born with the full name Gilbert Vincent Gerard on the 2nd of September, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, the United States from his first marriage with Connie. Gib is a proud graduate of Westmount University, where he finished with a degree in Mathematics. More so, he is also a well-recognized actor just like his father as well as a producer who is famous for his works in God’s Country, Wild Stallion, and All About Christmas Eve.


The famed actor Gil Gerard is gallantly built with a towering height of 6 feet 1 inch, which is about 185.4 cm. It is also known that during his youthful days, Gil Gerard maintained a very trim body stature even though age is taking a toll on him now.