Gina Philips – Biography & Celebrity Facts, Movies and TV Shows

Since the early 90s, Gina Philips has been doing an awesome job as an actress in the entertainment industry. One of her first works was her appearance in the 1995 horror, Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare where she played a remarkable supporting role. Since then, it has been one movie or TV role after another, leading to an interesting journey for the actress. It wasn’t always rosy for Gina, she has had her own ups and downs especially in her beginning days. Find out more about the actress as you scroll through.

Gina Philips – Biography

The actress was born on May 10, 1970, in Miami Beach, Florida. Growing up with her parents and her brother – Bobby Consolo, she was always inclined to entertainment and desired to explore the field as a career. Gina Philips held on to this passion all through high school and afterwards. It was during her years at the University of Pennsylvania that she decided to take a significant step towards achieving her dreams.

To Gina, her education was firmly standing in her way of going into acting; this caused her to quit school before the end of her senior year, to pursue a career in acting. Her quitting school did not deter her from later showing up during her graduation. Fortunately, her school allowed her to walk through graduation with her class as she only had one class to go.

Gina Philps started out with guest roles in films and TV shows including When the Bough Breaks, which she did in 1993. She then starred in the made for TV horror Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare in 1995; this was her first supporting role. After a remarkable performance, the actress went on to land a recurring role in the 1997 legal comedy series, Ally McBeal created by producer David E. Kelley. Also in 1997, Philips got her first lead role in the film, Born into Exile. Afterwards, she became quite popular in the industry and went on to land more prominent roles.

Career – Movies and TV Shows

In 2011, Gina Philips got a lead role in the horror Jeepers Creepers. She gained widespread recognition for her role in the movie. Despite her success in the horror film, she did not turn her back on other genres; Gina’s next work was in the comedy-drama, The Anarchist Cookbook.

A few other projects she worked on include Dead & Breakfast and Jennifer’s Shadow in 2004 – both of which were horror movies as well. Philips landed more and more roles in horror films and it almost seemed like she was being typecast. But that was not the case as she had other genres that came her way.

Gina Philips showed her versatility when she tested waters in production. She produced, as well as starred in the romance-drama Love and Debate in 2006. Gina played a role in the psychological thriller, Chained in 2011 and was quite remarkable. In 2017, she made a cameo appearance in the third installation of Jeepers Creepers. Apart from the notable Ally McBeal series, the actress has also had roles in other series like Star Trek: DS9, ER, Monk, and many others.

Quick Celebrity Facts 

•  Gina Philips has her net worth estimated at $3 million by several sources. The actress makes her earnings mostly from her on-screen endeavours. Keeping her sense of determination in mind, this amount is expected to grow in the coming years.

•  Philips is of mixed ethnicity; through her father, Robert Consolo, she is of Italian descent and through her mother, Fredi Consolo, she is of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.

• Gina Philips is happily married to her husband, Lee Nelson. The couple tied the knot in 2009 and have a child together.

•  One thing many do not know about Gina Philips is that she never had a problem starring in numerous horror movies. The actress loves horror films and equally loves doing them. She has confessed to this a couple of times during interviews.

•  Gina Philips stands at a height of 5ft 3in (1.60m), which is quite proportional to her weight of 52kg (115 lb). Her other body stats are 33-25-34 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. She also fits into size 4 (US) dresses.

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