Gizelle Bryant Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Husband or Ex-Husband

Gizelle Bryant Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Husband or Ex-Husband

Beyond being a former model, Gizelle Bryant, an American Television personality and a reality star, is best known for her role in The Real Housewives of Potomac. She is a mother of three daughters as well as a philanthropist working with the government, precisely at the city council of Birmingham, Alabama.

Gizelle Bryant Bio

Born on September 9, 1970, in  Houston, Texas, Gizelle Bryant grew up in a prominent political family where she learned everything she knows about government issues; she is one of three children born in her family.

Bryant attended the privately-owned Hampton University in Virginia where she graduated with a degree in Marketing and later got a job as an event planner with the NAACP.


Gizelle Bryant started out as a normal working-class lady; an event planner and model. She was also popular as a prominent pastor’s wife and “First Lady” of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore.

Besides 7 to 8 years of popularity as just the wife of a megachurch pastor, Jamal Bryant, she started featuring as one of the characters on a TV reality series, The Real Housewives of Potomac, alongside four other well-to-do women. So far, the reality show has over 46 episodes, showing in and across America.

With her experience working as an event planner, Bryant became a keen entrepreneur who knows how to diversify her income stream. She started her own line of baked goods; baking delicious desserts and selling them at famous restaurants including that of a contestant of one of the most popular cooking shows, Top Chef, Timothy Dean. Bryant is also working with the government which is not so surprising, considering she grew up in a political family.

There’s just no limit to what Gizelle Bryant can do as a businesswoman. Right now, the mother of three has her very own line of makeup called EveryHue Beauty. Bryant launched the beauty products in collaboration with three other women, Karlene Damallie, Erika Liles, and Sophia Rabkin who believe that “beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and complexions,” as was written on the company’s website.

Speaking of her aim of creating EveryHue Beauty, Bryant said she believes the body is the temple and the skin a canvas and that everybody has the potential to look radiant and perfect.

The beauty products focus on the needs of all modern women and multiethnic women. While the beauty business is up and running, Bryant is working to release her first book which she said will reveal her life in the church and the dirty deed surrounding the faith-based world.

Gizelle Bryant Net Worth

As a television personality and businesswoman, Gizelle Bryant is earning a lot of money to last her a lifetime, The Real Housewives of Potomac star’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. She resides in a $1.6 million dollar home in Bethesda with her three daughters where she occasionally showcases a glimpse of their lives on social media.


Gizelle Bryant’s parents are Curtis and Joanne Graves. Her father, Curtis, was a member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1967 to 1973. He was the first African-American to have that post. Bryant’s dad also worked at NASA for another 30 years after his tenure in Washington ended and is now a fine arts photographer.

Husband Or Ex-Husband

Gizelle Bryant was married to Rev. Jamal H. Bryant of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, Maryland. She was the wife and First Lady of the ministry for about eight years (2002-2009) before the marriage crashed due to irreconcilable differences. The beauty mogul wasn’t about to remain in the marriage after discovering her husband’s infidelity, according to her, “you only have one life and don’t have to stay in something that’s making you miserable.”

Gizelle Bryant Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Husband or Ex-Husband
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The couple has three daughters together, Grace Bryant, Angel Bryant, and Adore Bryant. Besides her three daughters, her husband also has two other kids outside the marriage, Topaz Bryant and John Karston Bryant.

Bryant left her husband in Baltimore and returned to Potomac with the girls. Despite their separation, she continues to use her ex-husband’s name and revealed the two of them [she and ex-husband] has remained good friends and doing a great job of co-parenting their kids.

With her personal marital experience, Gizelle Bryant took it upon herself to counsel other women, giving them advice on how to handle their own situations. But that’s not to say, The Real Housewives of Potomac star intends to stop dating. In one of her interviews on Bravo TV in August 2018, Bryant said she has started dating again and that she and the mystery man are committed to making it work.

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