Greg Rikaart – Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Mother, Son, Family

Greg Rikaart – Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Mother, Son, Family

It was talent and nothing more, that caused Greg Rikaart to appear in more than the initially agreed 10 episodes on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The talented American actor since then has had a schedule so tight with engagements in the entertainment industry. Rikaart has received tons of awards for his roles in the popular soap opera, pushing him to a reputable pedestal. Since his breakthrough, it has been an interesting journey for the actor. Below are interesting facts to know about him.

Greg Rikaart Bio

He was born on February 26, 1977, in Brooklyn, New York. Greg attended Villanova University, Pennsylvania where he graduated with distinction. Unlike most of his counterparts, Greg Rikaart did not just go into acting right after school or while in school. Before he walked the entertainment path, he tested waters in politics. And yes, working as an intern under a congressman on Capitol Hill, surely counts as testing waters in politics. Greg was in school at the time and only worked for a semester.

After school, he moved to the city of Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. While searching for opportunities, Greg Rikaart got an offer to play a gay role on Dawson’s Creek. He accepted the offer and played a gay student in the teen drama series. Little did he know that he was only warming up for a breakthrough in the industry. After his appearance on Dawson’s Creek, Greg landed the role of Kevin Fisher on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless in 2003.

The actor’s agreement with the producers of the show was initially for 10 episodes. But Greg Rikaart was so remarkable on the screen that his contract was extended to the long term. He became a very marketable face that the producers had to retain him on set. His role in the series has earned him lots of recognition and accolades over the years. In 2005, he won an Emmy award. That same year, he got a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination. The actor has also earned several nominations on the Emmy platform.

In 2013, the actor marked his 10-year anniversary on The Young and Restless and became an inspiration to many upcoming actors. Greg Rikaart announced in May 2017 that he would be leaving the show that year. It was indeed sad news to his numerous fans who had grown fond of him. After 14 interesting years on the set of Y&R, he left the soap that year. He soon joined the cast of NBC’s Days of Our Lives, Greg plays the character, Leo on the soap.

His Net Worth

Greg Rikaart has attained a befitting financial status. His net worth has been estimated at $4 million by various sources and this can only mean that the actor is doing well for himself. Given his determination for continuous growth, this amount may end up becoming a trifling figure for the actor in the coming years.

Greg Rikaart – Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Mother, Son, Family
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Greg’s Family – Mother, Husband, and Son

Greg was born to Elaine Rikaart (his mother) and Hendrick P Rikaart, his father. He is of Dutch-Italian descent and grew up on Staten Island, New York alongside his sister Keri. The actor has two nephews named Nicholas and Luca.

Greg Rikaart is an openly gay actor and of course, strongly supports the LGBT community. The actor announced in June 2013 that he was in a relationship with Robert Sudduth. That was his own way of coming out publicly as a gay man. He made this movie a day after the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

It is obvious the two had been together before then but we are not certain about the exact time they started seeing each other. Two years after he revealed his relationship status, Rikaart got married to Sudduth. The couple tied the knot on May 9, 2015, it was a beach ceremony in Maui, attended by friends and family. The following year, the couple welcomed a son, Montgomery Argo Rikaart-Sudduth; he was born on June 12, 2016.

Greg Rikaart Height

The actor has a slim athletic body and a height that can pass for above average. For a man who stands at 5 ft. 10 in. (1.78m), finding any kind of role would not be so difficult for Greg Rikaart.

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