Gryffin – Bio, Age, Facts About The American DJ

Gryffin – Bio, Age, Facts About The American DJ

Gryffin is an American DJ, musician, and record producer who got famous for remixing several very popular songs. Initially, he trained as an electrical engineer before making his transition to the world of entertainment as a disc jockey (DJ). Since beginning his new career which was indeed his childhood dream, the DJ has been attaining one career milestone and the other. Get to know more about him below and find out what really makes him special.

Gryffin – Bio, Age

Dan Griffith, known popularly by the stage name – Gryffin, was born in San Francisco, in the United States of America, on September 29, 1987. Since the conception of his career, he has been doing well enough to have attained global recognition in the short time he has been around.

Gryffin, from an early age, has always been inclined to music. He learned how to play the guitar and classical piano as a kid and in addition, he also played in bands with his peers to improve on his instrument mastery skills.

When he got into school, Gryffin started listening to songs done by Avicii, Deadmau5, Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia which were all good. This inspired him greatly and before long, he started making and releasing his own music. Dan was able to achieve this by devoting his leisure time in his dormitory room at the University of Southern California to work on his passion. His primary aim for making songs then was to have his friends play them at college parties but little did he know that it will turn out into a career for him.

By the time Gryffin completed his college education with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, he had immersed himself deeply into music such that he decided to pursue it as a career, this prompted his decision to relocate to Los Angeles.

It turned out that the DJ’s decision to relocate was one upon which every of his present career successes was hinged upon. He began touring in January 2015 and exactly a year later, he released his first original song Heading Home on January 22, 2016. In the making of the song, he featured Australian singer Josef Salvat while the song itself was inspired by his travels and the experiences he had seeing new places. By August of this same year, Gryffin released another song titled Whole Heart in collaboration with British singer Adio Marchant who is known professionally as Bipolar Sunshine.

Feel Good came in 2017 and in it, Gryffin worked with Pittsburgh artist, Daya and West Coast DJ/producer Illenium. Dan Griffith ended 2017 with two more singles titled Love in Ruins and Nobody. Coming into 2018, he began the year with Winnebago which is a song he collaborated with Quinn XCII and Daniel Wilson to bring into reality. As it is his norm of not having just one song in an entire year, the American DJ dropped yet another single titled Just for a Moment featuring Norwegian singer, Iselin.

Not only has Gryffin been successful in his music career, in addition, but he has also grown famous with fans across the States. The artist has performed in many music festivals like the Ultra Music Festival, Governor’s Ball, Lollapalooza and of course the annual Coachella music festival.

Gryffin – Bio, Age, Facts About The American DJ
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Other Facts About The American DJ

Music Style

Gryffin classifies himself as a melodic house artist, which means his music puts a melodic twist to the typical house style. He uses sounds of the piano and guitar to produce his music in an electric yet organic style.

Net Worth

The net worth of the American DJ, according to some sources, is between $750k to $1 million. However, this will not be static for long and as he continues to grow his career, his net worth will certainly rise.


From a post he made on his official Facebook page on the 8 of April 2019, Gryffin celebrated 1 year of his marriage with a picture of himself and his wife on their wedding day. This then means that the DJ got married on the 8th of April in the year 2018.

Body Measurements

He might not be very athletic but with his height of 5 feet 9 inches, Gryffin can never go missing in a crowd. More so, his successful career in music has made him a familiar face wherever he goes.

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