Haley Joel Osment Bio, Net Worth, Sister, Wife And His Silicon Valley Role

Haley Joel Osment Bio, Net Worth, Sister, Wife And His Silicon Valley Role

The catchphrase “I See Dead People” which is popular among the younger generation was actually popularized by Haley Joel Osment, the famous American-born actor who has been active in the entertainment industry since his childhood days. Haley made the catchphrase on the set of the movie titled Sixth Sense which has turned out to be one of his most popular works. The phrase which got the ratting of No. 44 on the American Film Institute’s top 100 movie quotes of all time has come to be a ready phrase on the lips of youngsters all over the world.

We wouldn’t be wrong if we surmise that the gene of entertainment runs in Haley’s DNA since his dad, Michael Eugene Osment, is a known name in the world of movies and his sister Emily seem to be toeing the same line as a talented entertainer. With his outstanding records, Haley Joel Osment has proved himself as one of the greatest young entertainers in his generation, and with a lot of encouragement from his dad, the young actor is expected to achieve a lot of milestones in his career.

Haley Joel Osment Biography

Haley was born to Theresa and Michael Eugene Osment on the 10th day of April 1988 in California. His dad is also a theater and movie actor while his mom earned a living working as a school teacher. He has a younger sister named Emily Osment who also grew up to become an actress in the entertainment industry. The siblings were brought up in a devout Catholic family with strong beliefs rooted in strict religious values.

He went to Flintridge Preparatory School California but had to drop out in pursuit of an acting career. Nevertheless, Haley came back after some years to complete his education after he had already made his mark in the entertainment industry. He finished from New York University’s Tisch School of Arts in the year 2011, much later in his life.

Even with the entertainment industry beckoning on him, Haley developed a keen interest in sports, he was astute at such sports like basketball, football, and golf. His acting career started at the tender age of four when he was cast in a commercial for Pizza Hut TV after he was lucky to be picked by a talent hunt on a casual visit to the local IKEA store.

Haley Joel Osment Bio, Net Worth, Sister, Wife And His Silicon Valley Role
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Silicon Valley Role

The young actor started with television commercials and gradually stepped up to the big screen with his appearance in several popular movies and television series. Notable among the TV series Haley appeared in is the HBO franchise titled the Silicon Valley (2017) where he portrayed the character of Keenan Feldspar who worked as VR expert and tech financier. He joined the cast of the American comedy TV series in season 4 and appeared in three episodes.

Haley Joel Osment Net Worth

Haley Joel Osment has an estimated net worth of $12 million which he earned through his annual income in the entertainment industry. The famed actor was paid the sum of $150,000 for his role in Sixth Sense in 1999, he received the sum of $1 million in 2000 for Play it Forward and became richer by $2 million for his part in the movie titled Artificial Intelligence which was released in 2001, Haley has made appearances in several television shows and has also undertaken some brand endorsements, ads, and sponsorships in the past.

Wife, Sister

On the issue of the actor’s dalliance with the opposite sex, he is believed to be currently single even though he dabbled into a brief relationship in the past. Her name is Mae Whiteman and their attraction seemed to have sparked off on the set of Jungle Book in 2002 where the duo was cast in starring roles. Though they were really good as a couple, their relationship did not exceed that year.

Apart from Haley’s brief affair with Mae, there is no other record of any romantic relationship between the actor and the opposite sex, but Haley has always maintained a very low profile which makes it difficult to know about his personal life.

The Sixth Sense actor was not born as an only child, he was raised alongside his sister Emily Osment who is also famous as an actress, songwriter, and singer. As a competent performer, Emily has made appearances on Young & Hungry and Hana Montana. Just like her big brother, Emily’s acting career took off from commercials before she made her debut on the set of the movie titled The Secret Life of Girls. Emily is also competent at playing several musical instruments but she favors the guitar.