Heath Slater (WWE) Biography, Wife, Kids, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Heath Slater (WWE) Biography, Wife, Kids, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Heath Slater is a professional wrestler who has made a name for himself in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He has been in the ring even before 2006 when he made his WWE debut and in the process, he has won himself a generous share of accolades. Here is all to know about him.

Heath Slater (WWE) Biography

Slater was born Heath Wallace Miller on July 15, 1983, in Pineville, West Virginia. He was raised there by his mother, Dee Taylor, his grandfather, and his stepfather. Interestingly, even as he grew up in a place where wrestling was not a regular sport, Miller’s mind was to become a wrestler. As a result of this, he always told his mom and grandfather that school was not for him as he believed his life was particularly made for the ring.

For his education, he went to the Wyoming East High School where he made it as a good athlete as well as a good student. After he was done, the wrestling superstar went to the Potomac State University where he continued as an athlete, playing basketball. Nonetheless, it was only a year that he spent in college before leaving for a wrestling school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Before finally making it as a wrestler, Heath Slater took some jobs to take care of himself and his family. After his training with the World Wrestling Alliance (WWA4) Wrestling School, he signed a deal that would see him in the WWE in 2006.

In 2007, he found himself in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) for some more training. The next year, Miller won the FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship after he stood in to fight in place of Ted DiBiase, Jr. who was injured defending the title.

By 2010, he was slugging it out in the WWE NXT show, but then he got eliminated in week 14 of the show. He would continue in the years to come under the names Heath Miller and Sebastian Slater.

In the WWE, Heath has recorded some victories including 3 WWE Tag Team Championship which he won alongside Justin Gabriel, a WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship, and WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament both of which he won with Rhyno. More so, he once took home the Slammy Award. He has also had many awards in Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the Florida Championship Wrestling.

Apart from the ring, he has also appeared on the screen as an actor in the movie The Marine 5: Battleground which was released in 2017. He played the role of Cash in the movie. More so, he has also been a part of some web shows such as The JBL and Cole Show, The JBL and Renee Show, and WWE Game Night appearing all as himself, as well as Southpaw Regional Wrestling in which he acted as Pelvis Miller.

Wife and Kids

Heath Slater has not been one that is known for many relationships in the past, or publicly at least. Interestingly, he has only been linked to two women in the past. American model and professional wrestler, Trenesha Biggers is the first woman that he dated. The relationship between the two began in 2011 and ended in that same year.

Heath Slater (WWE) Biography, Wife, Kids, Net Worth, and Other Facts
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The next woman that the wrestling superstar would date is Stephanie Miller whom he went on to marry in 2011. Even as not much is known about Stephanie who is also referred to as Stephanie Heath, she has birthed two kids with the wrestler and the two have remained ever close.

Heath Slater Net Worth

Having been in the WWE for a rather long time and with many victories to his name, it will be rather fair to expect that he has a good net worth. Well, he does except when you don’t consider $3.3 million as good enough as that is his estimated net worth. He has made his fortune from his work as a wrestler.

Other Facts

In 2014, it was reported that there was an arrest warrant for Heath Miller for a 2011 incident in which he was accused of trying to force a female security officer into his room.

Shortly after the charges were brought against him, Heath released a statement stating that the claims were false.

In 2018, he trapped himself in an airplane bathroom.

Most wrestlers have good height and build. So too does Slater. He has a height of 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) and a bodyweight of ‎216 lbs (98 kg).