Heather McComb (James Van Der Beek’s Ex): All About The Ray Donovan Actress

Getting comfortable in front of a camera is not easy to pull off but Heather McComb attained this feat as a toddler. As is common with most child actors, the American actress started her acting career by appearing in commercials and for someone who has been active since 1989, she really gets better with age.

Known for her role in Ray Donovan (2013), Heather has appeared in numerous popular productions like Generation X, Prison Break, Without A Trace, 2012: Supernova and House. To learn more about the Ray Donovan alum, check out the details below.

Who Is Heather McComb?

An accomplished American actress is just one of the ways to describe Heather but there is a lot more to the Ray Donovan actress than what we see when she is being the professional we have all come to love. The actress was born on March 2, 1977, and named Heather Ann McComb. While her place of birth is Lakewood Township, New Jersey, she grew up in Barnegat Township, also in New Jersey. As a two-year-old toddler, Heather began showing interest in the entertainment industry and with the help of a nudge in the right direction, her career took off with her debut acting role in a Publishers Clearing House commercial. Perhaps due to the popularity which she attained at such a young age, her educational background didn’t receive much attention as there is no information indicating which institutions she graduated from.

Although it took a while to establish a name in the industry, Heather McComb never joined the long list of child actors whose career never took off. Her next role came in 1989 in Francis Ford Coppola’s segment, “Life Without Zoë”, of the anthology film New York Stories. The next role she played was as ‘Scout’ on the 1990 television program The Outsiders but it was short-lived as the show didn’t last longer than the first season.

Heather takes credit as the first actress to give life to the character of Jubilee in the television film Generation X. She played Jubilee in 1996 and the next year, 1997, the actress took up the role of Frances Malone in the television series Profiler.

She has continued on her path to more success, appearing in numerous films and TV shows. Some of her projects across the film and TV departments include The X-Files (1995), Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (1991), Party of Five (1998-1999), If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000), No One Would Tell (1996), Castle (2009) and Shark Swarm (2008).

Interestingly, Heather McComb is not the only talented person in her family. She has a sister named Jennifer McComb who is also an amazing actress as well. On the list of Jennifer’s most popular projects include Dawson’s Creek (1998), as well as other acting endeavours.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Going by the amount of fame and success she has recorded in her career in entertainment, it is safe to assume that Heather McComb has made a fortune for herself. While she is yet to share a proper review of her earnings over time, her net worth was pegged at a rough estimate of $1 million in 2019. This figure mainly comes from her acting career, in addition to any other career venture she has tried her hands on.

Heather McComb’s Personal Life

Heather McComb has been married once but at the moment, she is not linked to any man; at least, none that we know of. She met her ex-husband – James Van Der Beek, through her sister, Jennifer McComb, who introduced them. Jennifer and James worked together in an episode of Dawson’s Creek and after that, a romance started brewing between Heather and James.

It’s not clear when they met but they eventually became husband and wife on July 5, 2003. The marriage did not produce any children and roughly six years later, the couple became estranged. They separated in April 2009 and on November 20, in the same year, Van Der Beek filed for divorce from Heather. The divorce proceedings came to a conclusion on March 31, 2010.

While Heather has remained single, James didn’t waste much time finding love in the arms of Kimberly Brook whom he married on August 1, 2010. He now has four children with his current wife.