Heather Thomas Biography, Net Worth and Everything You Need To Know

Heather Thomas is the quintessential smart, pretty, and versatile woman. Beyond being an actress, she is also an author, screenwriter and political activist. As an actress, Heather is popularly known as Jody Banks, a co-star, and stunt colleague to Colt Seavers in The Fall Guy – a television series.

Apart from offering a concise account of her bio, this piece covers her net worth and other things one ought to know about Heather.

Heather Thomas Biography

Heather Thomas was born on 8th September 1957 in the affluent town of Greenwich, Connecticut, United States of America. Her mom, Gladdy Lou Ryder, worked in Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District as a special education teacher. Her father’s name is Leon Thomas, his job and other details about him are unknown or rather unrevealed to the public. She was raised alongside her siblings, Nicholle Tom and David in her birthplace, Greenwich.

Little Heather had her high school education at Santa Monica High School and graduated in 1975. She went on to have a qualification in film from the School of Theater, Film and Television of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). As a college student, Heather was a part of the Chi Omega sorority.

Heather always had an interest in the television/film industry and by the early age of 14, she became a host on Talking with a Giant, a National Broadcasting Company (NBC) series. Her job specification was to interview celebrities and she excelled at this. Seven years down the line, her acting career took off with her minor appearance in Co-Ed Fever, even though it lasted for only a brief period of time before being canceled.

Her role as Jody Banks came not long after when she was selected to be a part of The Fall Guy. The Glen Larson produced movie starred Lee Majors and aired for 5 years (from 1981 to 1986). Sadly, the beautiful actress got hooked on cocaine during the course of her stay in The Fall Guy. In 1984 and at age 27, she was admitted into a rehabilitation program. After more acting gigs and commercial poster pin-ups, Heather gave up acting. Nevertheless, she has more movie credits to her name.

Her first work as a writer was a screenplay called School Slut which she sold for a high price to Touchstone Pictures. She later reclaimed rights to self-produce the movie as Touchstone never made the film. Her first novel was published in April 2008 by William Morrow and was titled Trophies. It was a very successful and interesting novel which got a lot of amazing recommendations and reviews.

Her Net Worth

Various sources put the net worth of this American Actress at $2 million. Although there are no official claims to back this up, we sort of agree. Considering her versatility and success, we can only assume that she is worth a fortune. It might even be safe to say that she must be worth much more than $2 million but as earlier stated, we can’t be so sure, given the lack of an official report as regards this.

Things You Need To Know About The Actress

Heather’s Family, Husband, and Children

In August 1985, Heather Thomas got married to Allan Rosenthal who is a co-founder of Cocaine Anonymous. For some reasons, the couple sought for divorce in September 1986. Exactly four years and one month later, Thomas married Skip Brittenham, an entertainment Attorney.

The couple has achieved a great deal together. They are co-hosts of the L.A. Café, the popular fund-raising breakfast which holds monthly in their Santa Monica home. They are also proud owners of a fly fishing ranch located in Wyoming (Jackson Hole). They two are still waxing strong and loved up till date.

Heather played the role of mother to her husband, Skip’s two daughters Kristina Brittenham and Shauna Brittenham and in June 2000, they announced the arrival of their daughter, Indie Rose. The happy family of five resides in Connecticut, U.S.A.

Political Life and Activism

Her political life is also waxing strong as she is reported as a huge supporter of special interest groups and mostly Republican aspirants to whom she has contributed sums of money since 1992. Recipients of her benevolence include Senators Al Franken, Barbara Boxer, and Elizabeth Warren. She takes her activism a step further and is on both the Amazon Conservation Team and the Rape Foundation’s advisory boards.

Height, Body Stats, and Other Facts

Birth name: Heather Anne Thomas

Birth sign: Virgo

Religion: Christianity

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.66 m)

Body measurements: 36-24-34

Shoe size: 8 (US)

Dress size: 6 (US)