Hilde Osland – Everything To Know About The Famous Instagram Star

Hilde Osland – Everything To Know About The Famous Instagram Star

Hilde Osland is a multitalented Instagram star who initially rose to fame with her spectacular performance in a Norwegian talent hunt show – Idol Norway. She didn’t make it to the finals of the competition but was impressive enough to garner a huge fan following. Osland has since then gone on to carve out a career as a model on Instagram with an ever-increasing list of followers. Find out everything we have gathered about her career below in addition to knowing who her boyfriend is and how long they have been together.

Who Is Hilde Osland?

Hilde Osland is a Norwegian born on September 8, 1987, under the birth sign of Virgo in Brevik, Telemark, Norway. Her parents raised her up in Bergen, Norway, but after some time, they relocated to Melbourne, Australia, where she eventually finished off her schooling. Hilde holds a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy from RMIT University in Australia.

Her journey to fame started off with the aspirations of becoming a singer for which reason she auditioned for Idol Norway’s 6th season in 2011. Hilde Osland impressed both viewers and judges on the show with her incredible vocal abilities. This earned her the praise of the judges and a huge fan following. However, despite the sheer brilliance she exhibited at the competition, Hilde crashed out as one of the top 40.

With the huge fan following she gathered from the talent hunt competition, Osland began to grow her social media presence. She started off by making cover videos of popular songs which she posted on her YouTube channel. This was augmented with an Instagram account (Hilde) she created which almost instantaneously made Hilde more famous than she had ever been. The reason was simple, Hilde Osland is a very beautiful woman with looks and curves that any man or woman will appreciate.

Facts To Know About The Famous Instagram Star

1. She Loves Acting, Singing, and Dancing

Though it seems that all Hilde is known for is as an Instagram model, she is actually more than this. Osland is also known for her acting, singing, and dancing talents. As a dancer, she has a specialty in tap dancing, ballet, and jazz. Hilde in 2009 recorded her first work as an actress when she acted in As The Bell Rings. In terms of music/singing, it should be recalled that she warmed her way into the hearts of many people on the talent hunt show with her scintillating vocals.

2. Salary and Net Worth

The internet is a platform where some of the next generations of millionaires will emerge. Be it YouTubers, gamers, or makeup artists, various niches exist on the internet with ample opportunities for people to earn money creating content and running ads. Hilde Osland’s niche is in modeling. Though her net worth has not been concluded on, she is believed to be earning about $32, 000 to $48, 000 annually.

Hilde Osland – Everything To Know About The Famous Instagram Star
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3. Brand Endorsements and Advertising

Osland’s Instagram account stocks fashion and lifestyle pictures. As she got more famous on the platform, fashion designers sought to cash in on her fast-spreading popularity with endorsements to advertise their wears on her handle. Osland has since then worked with brands like White Fox, one by one, Miss Holly, ASOS, Mura Boutique, Zanic Boutique, and many others. She also sells most of the clothes she advertises on her website. It should be noted that the Instagram model doesn’t really advertise for big fashion brands. She works mainly with designers who manufacture classy and trendy outfits that are affordable for almost everyone to purchase.

4. Relationship

James Lewis Foster is the lucky man in Hilde Osland’s life. The two are said to have begun their relationship a very long time and have been together since then. From what we know about her beau, he is a photographer. Some sources reported that he has engaged Hilde but there is no proof to substantiate this claim.

5. Body Measurement and Features

The Instagram star is no doubt a beauty to behold, Osland has one of the best body curves that any man or woman will admire. She sports a slender physique which measures 31 inches breast size, 23 inches waist size, and hips of 31 inches. The bikini model stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 68 kg.

Hilde Osland has a winsome blue-colored set of eyes which is perfect for her blond hair.