How Did Marjorie Harvey And Steve Harvey Meet, Who Are Their Kids?

Steve Harvey has a larger than life personality and is arguably the busiest man in show business. He wears many hats as a comedian, actor, TV host, and producer. His popularity was a major boost for his wife, Marjorie Harvey who since their marriage, has become a star in her own rights with interesting business moves that have kept her relevant. Many have described the two as an interesting couple for the many things they represent in entertainment where marriages are known not to last. Moreso, their lasting union has been attributed to Marjorie Harvey’s embodiment of many great qualities and her schedule which is every bit as busy as her husband’s. She is a fashion maven, blogger, wife, mother, and grandmother. She runs her own clothing line; Marjorie Harvey’s Closet as well as her own line of handbags.

The duo has known each other for almost three decades and have been together for more than 10 years. Let’s explore some of the not-so-popular details about how they came to be together, their marital life and their kids.

Just How Did Steve and Marjorie Harvey Meet?

After two failed marriages, Steve Harvey finally found lasting love with fashion aficionado, Marjorie Bridges. To this effect, he has given her credit as the positive change in his life, the secret to his success, and the reason behind him being a better man than he had ever been.

The story of how Steve and Majorie met is a very interesting one especially because he describes it as love at first sight. Harvey was performing in a Memphis comedy club in 1987 when Marjorie walked in and according to him, he immediately he saw her, he knew that she was the one. On his account of the said day, he took no chances; there and then, he declared his love on stage when he stopped the show and said to her; “I don’t know who you are lady, but I’m gonna marry you one day”.

At the time, many thought it was a joke or a part of his routine, but the love-struck insists it was not. While Marjorie may have been embarrassed or shocked at his declaration, she would later reveal that the feeling was mutual. They would go on to start dating shortly after but broke up a year later and marry other people. From Steve’s account of events, he was broke at the time and could not get his acts together on time. By the time he was able to make something of himself, she was married to someone else.

They would reconnect more than a decade later, in 2005 thanks to his bodyguard who made a good effort to find her after Steve Harvey’s divorce from his second wife. 17 years after he declared his marriage manifesto to her at the comedy club in Memphis, they got married and have been together since then. They have also successfully blended their respective families to form a larger one.

The Harveys’ Previous Relationships

Although Steve and Marjorie Harvey have become an unbreakable cord, the duo came from a place of brokenness, hurt, and divorces. They have both been married twice before tying the knot and had each suffered two divorces.

Steve has been married twice before Marjorie and from records, he was was still married to his first wife Marcia Harvey when he first met Marjorie. Steve and Marcia got married in 1980 and lasted through a separation until their eventual divorce in 1994. Two years after, he exchanged marital vows a second time with Mary Shackelford whom he divorced in 2005, shortly before reconnecting with Marjorie. His second divorce was a very public mess and has been termed brutal in many spheres.

On Marjorie’s part, the first man she got married to was a drug pusher in Memphis. Although she has successfully kept his name away from the media, he was later arrested and jailed for life. Shortly after his incarceration, she divorced him and went on to date Darnell Woods, one of the Wood brothers who became known for their notoriety in drug dealing. The in 2002 for distributing marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

How Many Kids Make The Large Harvey Family?

Steve and Marjorie Harvey share 7 children between them; 4 from Harvey’s previous marriages and 3 from Marjorie’s. As man and wife, they do not have any child together from their marriage. The couple also have five grandchildren.

Steve has two daughters (twins Brandi and Karli) and one son (Broderick Harvey Jr.) from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey and a second son named Wynton from his marriage to Mary Shackelford. Marjorie’s kids are Jason, Lori, and Morgan, all of whom adopted the Harvey surname upon their mother’s marriage to the comedian.

Harvey’s older kids, Karli and Brandi run a female empowerment group YOUNG, FIT, and FLY which is aimed at empowering women. Karli successfully toed the path of her father to become an entrepreneur, hairstylist, event host, and public speaker. She has been married to basketball player-turned-mentor Ben Raymond since 2015 and they have one son together, BJ. Brandi, on the other hand, is a bodybuilder turned wellness coach and author. Her self-published book, Breakthrough Sold Separately: Get Out of the Boat of Mediocrity and Walk on Water was released in October 2019.

Lori is a model and social media influencer whereas Morgan is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, blogger, wife, and mom. In 2013, she married her college sweetheart, Kareem Hawthorne known professionally as DJ Bruckup. They have one daughter named Elle.

The Harvey Boys are Broderick who has a shoe business, Wynton who is interested in modeling and photography and Jason who founded the luxury women’s footwear company, Yevrah in 2015. Jason is married to Amanda Harvey and they have three children; Ezra, Noah, and Rose.

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