How Old Is Queen Elizabeth Now And Her Age When She Became Queen?

How Old Is Queen Elizabeth Now And Her Age When She Became Queen?

Queen Elizabeth is the Queen and de facto Head of State of the United Kingdom, as well as the other Commonwealth realms. Elizabeth II marked 65 years of ascending to the throne in 2019, making her the longest-reigning British monarch in history. She succeeded her father, King George VI, on February 6, 1952, but was coronated on June 2, 1953. Her longevity often makes one wonder – how old is Queen Elizabeth now?

Contained below are a few facts we uncovered about the world’s second-oldest serving Head of State.

How Old is Queen Elizabeth Now and When She Became Queen?

According to official birth records, Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom. She has christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor at birth. Up until her ascension to the throne, she’s known as Princess Elizabeth of York. Her Majesty as of April 21, 2019, celebrated her 93rd birthday anniversary.

Elizabeth became heir presumptive in 1935 after her father became King, following the abdication of her uncle Edward VIII. She was subsequently proclaimed Queen in 1952 after news of the death of her ailing father broke. The Princess was just a couple of months away from clocking 26 at that time. Elizabeth, while still in Kenya on a foreign mission with her husband, decided not to change her name, prompting her to be styled officially as Elizabeth II.

Other Facts About Queen 

  • Spouse

Queen Elizabeth is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg. The latter was previously known as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. The duo, subsequent to their marriage, had the opportunity of meeting only three times. They first met in 1934, followed by another meeting in 1937 and finally, in July 1939 at the Dartmouth Royal Naval College. The engagement of Philip and Elizabeth was officially announced on July 9, 1947.

Prince Philip was made to renounce his Danish and Greek titles, adopting the style of Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. He also renounced his Greek religion for Anglicanism. The wedding between Philip and Elizabeth was held at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947.

  • Family

The family tree of Queen Elizabeth comprises a long list that includes her only sister, four children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Her children include Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Her Majesty’s grandchildren include Prince William, Prince Harry, Peter Philips, Zara Tindall, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Lady Louise Windsor, and James Viscount Severn.

How Old Is Queen Elizabeth Now And Her Age When She Became Queen?
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Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren include Prince George, Prince Charlotte, Prince Louis, Archie Mountbatten, Savannah Philips, Isla Philips, Mia Tindall, and Lena Tindall.

  • Body Measurements

Queen Elizabeth II looks very smallish whenever she makes appearances on television or is seen in family photos. Well, we can’t fault the assumption because most of the relatives she stands with are quite tall. Her grandson, Prince William, stands at a height of 6ft 3in with an impressive body build. Many would look small standing close to him.

However, it is reported that her Majesty has a height of 5ft 4in which is considered average for women and also weighs roughly around 54.5kg.

  • Ethnicity

It is largely believed that Elizabeth has multiple ethnicities, owing to her royal lineage. However, we can categorically state that the Queen is of only white ethnicity as both of her parents were of British nobility.

  • Religion

Queen Elizabeth is a devout Christian under the Anglican Communion. She is believed to be responsible for converting her husband, Prince Philip, from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism. Elizabeth II holds an official role as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. She is also a member of the national Church of Scotland.

  • Net Worth

The personal wealth of Queen Elizabeth has been the subject of several speculations over the years. She has several holdings and personal high-valued properties around the world. She inherited an estate worth around £70 million owned previously by her mother. The famous and prestigious Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House are personal assets of the Queen. According to a report by The Sunday Times in 2017, her net worth was placed at an estimate of £360 million.

  • Popularity

Queen Elizabeth who happens to be Britain’s longest-serving monarch of all time is highly revered and respected in the United Kingdom and all of the other Commonwealth territories. Her approval rating hit a stunning 90% when she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.