How Old Is Shawn Mendes and How Did He Become Famous?

One might be shocked to discover Shawn Mendes’ age considering the fact that he has achieved so much as a musician. The young man is one of the new age pop stars who rose in the past five years. Recently, he was referred to as the Prince of Pop, which is an allusion to the immense success he has had in his career. Shawn is mostly known for his music but that is not all you should know about him. Keep reading to learn more about the super-talented musician who has won more than forty awards and two Grammy nominations within the short period of time he has spent in the music industry.

Shawn Mendes’ Age, How Old Is He?

Born Shawn Peter Raul Mendes in Ontario, Canada on the 8th of August 1998, the singer is one of the two children his parents, Karen Rayment and Manuel Mendes have. His other sibling is his younger sister, Aaliyah. His mother works in real estate while his father is a businessman. Shawn Mendes is of Portuguese and English heritage with his father hailing from Portugal while his mother is English.

For his high school education, Mendes went to Pine Ridge Secondary School, which is located in Pickering, the exact location of his birth and where he was also raised. As a student at Pine Ridge, he was an active player of Ice Hockey and Soccer as well as a member of the school’s glee club. When he was fourteen, Mendes learned how to play the guitar, not by undergoing training under anyone or attending music classes but via YouTube videos. This was his first step towards building the career he has today.

Mendes is big on philanthropy and has been at the forefront of different causes including mental health issues, especially as he suffers from anxiety. When there was an earthquake in Mexico, he provided relief materials to the victims. These are just a few of the work he has done for charity. He also plans to create his own foundation which will target youth empowerment.

How Did Shawn Mendes Become Famous?

At Shawn Mendes’ age, he has achieved a lot of things that many can only dream about. The fame that he enjoys today began in 2013 when he put up a cover of ’s song, As Long as You Love Me. The cover was uploaded to his Vine account and in less than a day he had gotten more than ten thousand likes and followers. A couple of months after, the number of views, likes, and followers skyrocketed to millions. He continued to upload videos which were mostly very short snippets of him performing covers.

After he had used Vine for two years he became the third person with the most followers on the platform in 2014. In that same year, he was signed to Island Records, but this was after he won the competition, Best Cover Song, by performing A Great Big World’s song, Say Something. Another major stepping stone for him and his career in music was the tour he went on with Viners in his age group, the tour was called Magcon. Opening for during his nationwide tour was another opportunity through which he announced his talent to the world.

Shawn Mendes’ single, Life of the Party, made him the youngest person to ever have his song debut in the top 25 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His first major body of work was released in 2014 and it was an EP which enjoyed major success, motivating him to release his first album, Handwritten, in spring of 2015. The biggest song from the album was Stitches and it is the reason he has set so many records in his career as a young musician. Shawn Mendes’ age was sixteen in 2014 when he made Forbes’ list of the most influential teenagers.

While in high school, Mendes took classes in acting. These classes were to help his performances in glee club; to build his stage presence and instill confidence in him. But in 2016, he put the skills he got to use by appearing in the third season of The 100.

Mendes has been in the entertainment industry for five years and in that time, he has enjoyed so much success as a musician, songwriter, and actor. The scope of his work also includes modeling. Wilhelmina Models signed him in 2016 and he has been part of fashion shows in Milan. He has also become an ambassador for Emporio Armani and Tim Hortons. Without a doubt, Shawn Mendes is one of the youngest, most successful musicians in the world.

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