How Old is Toddy Smith, Does He Have a Girlfriend, Is He Dating Anyone?

How Old is Toddy Smith, Does He Have a Girlfriend, Is He Dating Anyone?

The internet has over the years provided a home for many talented people, serving as an arrow to shoot them into the limelight. Ask the likes of Kylie Jenner although she still has her famous family and their reality show to thank, the photo-sharing site, Instagram provided the leverage for her to ride on the wings of fame. Now, she is the world’s youngest billionaire, according to Forbes 2019 estimation – all thanks to the power of the internet. It is high time to speak about another famous internet celebrity who has made most of what the internet has to offer – Toddy Smith.

Peradventure you happen to not know this name or much about this phenom, reading this article to the end is a must for you. Toddy Smith is one of those Instagram and YouTube stars whose life is worth being discussed.

Toddy Smith Bio, Age

The Instagram star, Toddy Smith made his arrival to earth on the 11th of April 1991 in Huntington Beach, California, under the zodiac sign, Aries. His ethnicity is unknown but he is apparently of American nationality.

Delving into his education background, he attended Edison High School, Huntington Beach where he was a standout on the wrestling team. Prior to being on social media, Smith worked as a bartender at various bars in California.

He debuted on the social media arena on the six-second video-sharing app, Vine. His first video, Dat 151 rum posted on March 19, 2013, garnered a large viewership within a short time, announcing him to the internet mainstream. Toddy Smith hit it really big on Vine and had a following of 330k before it became defunct. He collaborated on Vine with other internet stars including Scotty Sire, Alex Ramos, Tyler Joseph, and Gary Rojas. He joined YouTube in June 2014 and after Vine shut down, he transited to the site where he has continued to grow his repertoire.

Toddy Smith posted his first video on his eponymous channel in 2015. At first, the video posts were not regular, posting just 3 videos in his first year on the site. However, after a long hiatus, he came back with a storm and has been posting regularly since the middle of 2016. His channel now has more than 1 million subscribers and over 46 million views.

Wondering how he reached the 1 million subscribers milestone within a few years, search no further than this page. The magic could be in his cuteness, quirky persona, and funny posts. Though his channel is more like a personal platform where he posts a healthy amount of personal vlogs, they also have comedic undertones and he often has funny prank videos with his friends and roommates sandwiched between them.

Some of his most watched videos are David Dobrik’s 21st Birthday (1.4m), Reacting To Rodd From David’s Vlog!!! (860k), Our First Vacation Together (817k), Girlfriend Tag with Corinna Kopf (775k), Spotted Alex Ernst Doing This (755k), Caught Them Doing Stuff (702k), and a host of others with over 500k views.

His heart-achingly sunny and cheery photos on Instagram have earned him over 2 million followers on the platform. In addition, he has 990k followers on Twitter. Besides his social media prominence, the star crossed over to reality TV. He featured in season 4 of the dating series, Sweet Home Alabama but was eliminated after qualifying for the Top 3.

Toddy Smith earns a good amount of money from his internet career. Besides his internet activities, he also has several advertisement contracts, endorsement gigs for various brands as well as earns from merch sales. His salary and net worth are, however, not known.

How Old is Toddy Smith, Does He Have a Girlfriend, Is He Dating Anyone?
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Is He Dating Anyone? Girlfriend

Toddy Smith has had a number of relationships, thanks to his social media accounts where he lets us in on the happenings in his dating villa. He once mentioned that his romantic interest was Gram’s personality, Catherine Marie Allen.

Following up, he started dating Corinna Kopf in 2017. The couple was spotted together on their social media accounts as well as in public but, unfortunately, they are no longer an item. News surfaced of their break-up in early 2018. While Kopf reportedly dated fellow social-media personality Jack Dail, Smith is careful to tread the relationship path too soon. Perhaps, he is busy with his career.