How Rush Limbaugh Became The King of Radio and Built A Huge Net Worth

How Rush Limbaugh Became The King of Radio and Built A Huge Net Worth

The controversial Rush Limbaugh is a radio show host, a conservative political commentator, and an author. As an author, he has published at least 7 books, and the first two eventually made it to the New York Times Bestseller List. Following his unparalleled contributions, Rush was inducted into the National Association of Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in 1998. His show also became the most popular radio show in the US, thus making him the most important show host in 2007. Limbaugh’s success came with huge financial returns which also made him Forbes 2017 highest-paid celebrity with an annual income of about $84 million. It is no wonder that he has earned a reputation as ‘the king of radio’.

How Did Rush Limbaugh Become The King Of Radio?

Rush’s journey to success began right from his childhood days. The Cape Girardeau, Missouri native was born Rush Hudson Limbaugh III on January 12, 1951. He was raised by his parents – Mildred “Millie” Caroline Armstrong and Rush Hudson Limbaugh Jr. His mother was a homemaker while his father was a lawyer, who served the United States during World War II as a fighter pilot. He is of German heritage and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Rush attended Cape Girardeau, Missouri Central High School and finished from there in 1969 before he proceeded to attend the South East State University but he dropped out after a year to become a radio presenter, a dream career path he had always aspired to pursue which left his parents, especially his father, highly disappointed. The reason for their disappointment can be clearly seen as he hails from a family of learned minds.

Both his father, Rush Limbaugh II, and grandfather, Rush Limbaugh I, and his brother, David Limbaugh are accomplished lawyers. His uncle, Stephen N. Limbaugh was a federal Judge in the United States District of Missouri while his cousin, Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. stepped into his father’s shoes and was appointed a judge in the same court.

At the young age of 16 in 1967, Rush Limbaugh moved to McKeesport, Pennsylvania where he would start his career as a radio Disc Jockey on a couple of stations in both Pennsylvania and Missouri. His on-air name was ‘Rusty Sharpe’. However, after a failed attempt at trying to have a successful career as a DJ, he moved back home to Cape Girardeau but never gave up on his dreams.

By 1984, he returned back on the radio and this time, he worked as a show host on a radio station in Sacramento, California. It was from there that Rush gained popularity for himself with his conservative comments and his constant criticisms of the Democratic party, their government, and policies. In 1990, his show was ranked the most popular by the New York Times and he was shortly awarded an honorary membership in the Republican Party.

How Rush Limbaugh Became The King of Radio and Built A Huge Net Worth
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What’s His Net Worth And How Did He Achieve It?

The latest available reports indicate that Rush Limbaugh’s salary is $85 million, while his net worth is $600 million. But how did he achieve such a huge net worth?

Without any doubt, Rush Limbaugh’s radio career has more than a fair share of contribution to his net worth. After Rush Limbaugh Show premiered at KFBK Radio in Sacramento CA in 1984, he worked there for four years, before moving to 77 WABC, New York in 1988. He has 77 WABC to thank for much of the fame he enjoys today because it was there that the program first went into national syndication, a few months after it kicked off.

Currently, its flagship is the iHeart Media-owned Premiere Networks, which is the largest radio network in the US. It is no wonder that the program is rated as the most popular radio show in America. Not long ago, it was reported that an average of 13.5 million people listens to the show every week.

Apart from radio, which is Rush Limbaugh’s mainstay, he also worked on TV for about four years. Between 1992 and 1996, he hosted a nationally syndicated TV show that discussed issues raised by his radio program. Although he ended the program saying he prefers to keep to the radio, he nevertheless made some money from it.

Another offshoot of his radio career that has contributed immensely to Rush Limbaugh’s net worth is his book authorship. He has published at least 7 books and the first two eventually made it to the New York Times Bestseller List.

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