How To Watch Dance Moms Online For Free
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It’s no secret that we’re currently in the prime of reality television shows. We now have reality stars sharing the spotlight with traditional entertainers and we also have reality shows competing for ratings with traditional network programming. However, despite being in the age of reality television, when Dance Moms first premiered, no one expected it to be the hit show or reality television powerhouse that it has become.

For one thing, Lifetime Network, where Dance Moms airs, isn’t your go-to network for reality programming. Nonetheless, the show became a rating hit, a major boost for the network, and even turned some of its cast members to bonafide celebrities such as Maddie Ziegler, McKenzie Ziegler, Abby Lee Miller, Jojo Siwa, Brynn Rumfallo, Brooke Hyland, Chloe Lukasiak, and Kalani Hilliker. Several of the students in the show have also become sought-after dancers, especially Maddie Ziegler, who is known for her repeated appearance in Sia’s music videos.


Dance Moms premiered on the 13th of July, 2011. It was created by Collins Avenue Productions and follows the early years of young dancers in the Abby Lee Dance School, as they get inducted into show business under the guidance of Abby Lee. The show also deals with the dancers’ bickering stage moms as they compete and rival each other while Abby Lee trains their daughters to become professional dancers.

The series is set in Los Angeles, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it primarily takes place at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) studios. The show initially followed the dancers as they traveled weekly for different dance competitions. It also showed them win different awards and take on National championships.

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Abby Lee Miller and her dance instructors would create the dance performances and choreography the girls would use, with occasional input from the show’s producers. There are occasional guest choreographers for the show too. Most of the show’s drama came from the conflict between the dance moms and Abby Lee Miller, who relied heavily on criticism to motivate the girls. Abby also adopted competition amongst the teammates as a tool for improvement.

The audience also got to witness the girls improve as dancers and develop close friendships among themselves.

How To Watch Dance Moms Online For Free
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In the show’s fifth season, Abby Lee moved the team to Los Angeles in an attempt to develop a brand and reputation on the west coast. Though the show still had its weekly competition format, its focus shifted to trying to prepare the girls for careers in music, acting, and the entertainment industry at large.

In the seventh season of the show, many of the dancers and their mothers left the show. Shortly after, Abby Lee Miller left the show as well. As a result, the remaining dancers and mothers also left the show.

Some of the show’s rival dance crews include Candy Apples Dance Center from Ohio, Studio Bleu Dance Center from Virginia, Murrieta Dance Project from California and Broadway Dance Academy from Michigan.

How To Watch Dance Moms Online For Free

Thanks to the growth and development of the internet, everything you want or could ever need can be found online. Just with the push of the button, you can pretty much do anything you want – including watching your favorite television shows online for free. Yes, that includes Dance Moms.

Since its debut, Dance Moms has been a favourite of many and people are constantly wondering where they could find the episodes online to either binge-watch, catch up or simply start the show. The good news is that there are many websites that stream the show online. You have the option of streaming it or downloading it for free. You can also catch new and old episodes on the official Dance Moms page on the Lifetime network’s official website, here. The best part about watching from Lifetime’s official website is that episodes are available from season one, the only thing you have to do is create an account. There, as simple as that.

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With all your favorite shows available to you at the click of the button at your very convenience, you’re reminded of the fact that there’s practically nothing the internet cannot be used for these days.