Ian Prange – Biography and 5 Things You Need to Know

For someone without an acting career, Ian Prange definitely has more television credits than a reasonable percentage of actors and actresses in the industry. Of course, all of his work happens behind the camera. Perhaps, the path his life and career has taken should not be a surprise considering he is the son of a well-known television producer, director, and film editor – Greg Prange.

Throughout his career, Ian has been involved in the production of various television series. Arguably, his most recognized work is the popular 2000s television series One Tree Hill. He worked as the second assistant director under his father who did production work on the series.

Ian Prange’s Biography

For someone who does a lot of work on set, Ian Prange is kind of a recluse. Besides knowledge of who his father is, there is almost no public information concerning his background and early life. There is nothing available online that points to where he was born; if, when, or where he attended school; who his mother and siblings are, etc.

There is, however, a lot of data to be found in cyberspace when it comes to his career. Ian Prange started his career by working on the popular television series Dawson’s Creek. The teen drama series aired for 6 seasons, from 1998 to 2003. Ian was set production assistant for the three seasons following the first. His father, Greg, who was the director of the series won an ALMA award for his efforts on the series in 2001. The series itself continued to receive various award nominations throughout its time, some of which it won.

Ian Prange, more than any other role in his career, has handled the responsibility of the second assistant director. He has been involved in this capacity in a myriad of tv series, including Eastbound & Down in 2009, Revolution from 2012 to 2013, and Sleepy Hollow in 2013. He has also been an assistant director in movies such as Game Time: Tackling The Past and Hornet’s Nest in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

More recently, he has reprised that role in Tammy, 2014; Containment, 2016; Ozark, 2017; The Resident, 2018; and Bolden, 2018.

Initially, Ian Prange may have ridden on the back of his father’s success in a bid to find his own path. However, it was someone else who was responsible for Ian Prange’s relative popularity – Hilarie Burton. The two met during the making of the television series One Tree Hill. Hilarie was brought on to play the role of Peyton Sawyer – a talented visual and musical artist, whose life had a lot of ups and downs, especially in the area of love and romance. However, it was the budding love and romance offset, between Hilarie and second assistant director, Ian Prange that made the headlines.

It did not take long for the couple to take their steaming romance to the next level. They got married in 2004. However, the romance – and ultimately the marriage did not last as many of their fans thought it would. After a few strains on their relationships and respective careers, the two decided to call it quits. They annulled the union in 2009.

While, Hilarie has since moved on with her life, finding love with Grey’s Anatomy actor, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Ian Prange has remained single ever since, and even more private than ever before. Post Hilarie, the only information available about Ian has to do with his work.

5 Things You Should Know About Ian Prange

1. Prange has got pretty decent connections in the industry

Ian may not be so fortunate in the love department, but his career has brought him some pretty good connections. He has worked with many popular names in the industry. On Dawson’s Creek, he worked with names such as Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes. He has also worked with Emily VanCamp (Ther Resident), Tom Mison (Sleepy Hollow), and Melissa McCarthy (Tammy).

2. He has been an assistant director more times than he can count

Ian Prange is widely known as the second assistant director in the making of the drama series One Tree Hill. This is a responsibility he has in many more television series and movies throughout his career – accounting for about 80 percent of his career.

3. Ian only assisted in 17 episodes of One Tree Hill

It turns out that in the grand scheme of things, his involvement in the production of One Tree Hill was a drop-in-the-sea type scenario. One Tree Hill aired for 9 seasons, all of which added up to 187 episodes. Ian was the second assistant director for just 17 of those episodes between 2005 and 2012. He was also “second-second assistant director” for a single episode in 2004.

4. Ian met Hilarie before One Tree Hill

Many believe that Hilarie Burton and Ian Prange met on the set of One Tree Hill where their romance started. Though they fell in love during this period, it is possible they had already met before then. Hilarie Burton was involved in an acting capacity on Dawson’s Creek in 2002. She made her TV debut in the series where she portrayed herself.

5. Ian Prange is a bit of a recluse

Prange is to an extent a public figure and it is expected that someone of his status should have some semblance of an online presence. Ian, however, as far as anyone can tell, does not operate any personal website, or any social media account. The only pictures of Ian online are old photos that were probably taken before or during his time with Hilarie.

Perhaps, the only thing unsurprising about this is that he has stayed true to his cryptic nature.

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