Is Bretman Rock Gay With A Boyfriend? His Age, Sister & Brother

Is Bretman Rock Gay With A Boyfriend? His Age, Sister & Brother

If there is only one man on the face of the planet, who can be described as beautiful, it will definitely be Bretman Rock! He is so astonishingly beautiful that you wouldn’t want him anywhere near your boyfriend.

Bretman is a YouTube star and Instagram icon whose persona is about breaking the norm. He is so energetic and humorous that you wouldn’t want to leave his channels once you’re in. He has a sweet way of getting you glued to his Instagram and YouTube videos through his facial expressions and contour that speak nothing but sarcasm. And he is so on point!

The way he carries himself makes him easily likable by both young and old. Even when he gives his make-up tutorials, he laces it with the kind of humor that will get you cracking. Little wonder he has over 9 million people following him. His on-screen charisma alone guides you to the subscribe button, without you knowing it.

Bretman Rock Biography

Bretman Rock was born on July 31, 1998, in the Philippines. However, he was raised in Hawaii, USA, where he currently resides. He had a dual nationality; Filipino by birth and American by naturalization. He is also of multiethnic descent of Filipino Asian ethnicity and has some roots that stretch to Portuguese ethnicity.

A lot of questions have been asked about the origin and meaning of his name. Well, his names came from the coinage of the names of two WWE superstars, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. That was how much the father loved and was a fan of WWE.

His Family: Mother and Sister

His parents couldn’t hold their marriage together, and so they got separated when he was still a little boy and the mother had to take him, alongside the sister, Princess Mae, to Hawaii, where they grew up.

Bretman Rock sees his mother as both his mother and father combined. As a Father’s Day wish to his mother in 2015, he made a funny video of her, which he shared on Instagram expressing how grateful he was that she loved him, both as a mother and a father. Bretman also posted a funny video of him and his mom in 2018, where he thanked her for teaching him selflessness and patience.

He enjoys the full support of the family for his social media works, especially the sister. Princess is a regular face on Bretman’s YouTube videos. She featured in his first YouTube challenge video in 2015. She was also part of a couple of other challenge videos like Whisper Challengers and Spicy Ramen Challenges.

Is Bretman Rock Gay With A Boyfriend? His Age, Sister & Brother
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Their most prominent video together came in March 2018, where he made his sister look like his twin. The kind of bond he has with the sister is so strong that it’s going to take another 9/11 to separate the duo. On Princess’ birthday eve in 2018, he celebrated her in advance and thanked her for being so supportive from the get-go.

On her own, Princess is also a social media celebrity to be reckoned with. She had an Instagram following of over 848K followers. In 2016, she had a daughter, who she named Cleo.

What is Bretman Rock Net Worth?

In the Instagram and YouTube world, he is a force to be reckoned with. A combination of his crazy skills and humorous ambiance has earned him the fame he is enjoying. When he makes posts on Instagram, you could feel the vibe and fervor.

All of these put together have earned him a net worth of $500K. Now that’s a whopping value for someone his age.

From a realistic point of view, he is worth every penny. With over 9 million followers on Instagram and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, he is raking in a reasonable income.

A breakdown of his work, plus other minor media collaborations, his monthly take-home is $200K and a daily income of $570.

His worth would have been more than this, but, he had turned down huge endorsement deals that came with other luxury packages like a house, a car, and a substantial sum. According to him, he wants to focus on his education. He has a brand of eyelashes he tagged ‘Hot Tea’, which is only available in two Asian countries.

His Relationship Status: Is He Married, Gay or Straight?

When it comes to Bretman Rock’s sexuality, it is not a hidden fact. He has identified himself as being gay. Though he has received a lot of hate for it, he is undeterred and unashamed about it. As a matter of fact, he is using his growing influence to help and support others like him.

He isn’t dating anyone and has shown no interest whatsoever in doing so.