Is Clint Eastwood Dead? Children, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Bio

Clint Eastwood is an American veteran actor who has contributed to over 60 films since entering the entertainment scene in 1954. An iconic Hollywood star, Eastwood is also an accomplished filmmaker with a number of his films receiving the coveted Oscar award.

As a musician, he has scored songs for a number of his films. Some of Eastwood’s most notable films include the Dollars Trilogy and the Dirty Harry films. In addition to acting, he also dabbled in politics and became Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California for two years between 1986 and 1988.

Is Clint Eastwood Dead?

Clintwood is deep into his 80s and nearing the last years of his life, however, some folks are so eager to report his death that they can’t wait for him to die before they do so. Twice, both in 2017, Clint Eastwood became a victim of a death hoax.

The first one came in May 2017 when a completely fake news site reported that Eastwood had died at his Brentwood home due to natural causes. However,, a website reputable for debunking celebrity death hoaxes came to the rescue confirming that Eastwood was alive and well.

About a month later, in June 2017 another fake news emerged that Eastwood had died of a heart attack. Reported by a fake website, CNN-Global News made to look like America’s Cable News Network (CNN), the news immediately went viral as many couldn’t immediately tell that the site was fake.

The fake site which is now defunct went as far as impersonating a couple of celebrities, using their names to create fake Twitter accounts in which they dedicated condolence messages to Eastwood. Some of the celebrities included Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, however, after comparing with their real Twitter accounts, the difference was clear.

As of this writing, Clint Eastwood IS NOT DEAD but alive and well and isn’t showing any signs of slowing.

Clint Eastwood Bio

Clinton Eastwood Jr. was born on May 31, 1930, in San Francisco to Clinton Eastwood Sr. (1906–1970) and Ruth Wood (née Runner; 1909–2006). His family moved often because of his dad’s occupation as a steelworker and migrant worker.

During his days at Oakland high school, Eastwood’s teachers encouraged him to take up acting which he hesitated until 1955 when he returned from his stint with the US Army.

He made his debut in an uncredited role in “Revenge of the Creature” (1955). Eastwood’s big break didn’t come until 1958 when he got the role of Rowdy Yates in the CBS series Rawhide.

Eastwood first established himself as a movie star abroad in Italy after he starred in “A Fistful of Dollars” (1967) portraying the character of “the man with no name.” He reprised his role in the subsequent sequels, “For a Few More Dollars”, and “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.”

Eastwood’s success continued through the 1970s and 1980s. As his career blossomed, Eastwood dabbled in filmmaking establishing his own production company Malpaso Productions. The 2014 film American Sniper which he directed broke box office records, making $349.4 million in the US to become the biggest January release. It is, to date, Eastwood’s most successful film.

Domestically, Eastwood’s films have grossed at least $1.7 billion. In 1994, he was awarded the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial for consistently producing high-quality pictures.

Net Worth: $375 million

With that huge figure, Eastwood is one of the most successful businessmen in Hollywood. He earned an estimated $35 million within a year alone between 2008 and 2009. In addition to the film, Eastwood earns from other sources — he owns Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Wife, Girlfriend, Children

Eastwood has had a lot of women in his life so much so that the number of children he has cannot be determined. Even Eastwood himself isn’t certain. When asked in a 2004 interview how many kids he has, the actor replied; “I have a few.” However, about 7 of Eastwood’s children have been legally recognized.

A habitual womanizer, Eastwood has found it difficult to stick to one woman. After meeting Margaret Neville Johnson on a blind date in Los Angeles, Eastwood made Maggie his first wife 6 months later on December 19, 1953, in Pasadena.

However, while Eastwood and Maggie were still dating, Eastwood is believed to have fathered a child with a woman in Seattle. That child is believed to have been given up for adoption.

Maggie who was a model didn’t seem to have enough to satisfy Eastwood as he entered into an affair with dancer-actress Roxanne Tunis whom he met on the set of his hit series “Rawhide.” Clint and Roxanne had a child, a daughter named Kimber Eastwood who was born Kimber Tunis on June 17, 1964.

Though Maggie separated from Eastwood the year Kimber was born, the media never got to know about Eastwood’s lovechild until 1989.

While he stayed separated from Maggie, Eastwood continued his romance with Roxanne. Maggie and Eastwood later reconciled in the late 1960s and decided to start a family together. They had two children; Kyle Eastwood (born May 19, 1968) and Alison Eastwood (born May 22, 1972).

Despite Eastwood’s reunion with his first wife, he remained unfaithful to her and by 1978 they became estranged again with Maggie filing for legal separation, however, they remained legally married until finalizing their divorce in 1984. Maggie reportedly received between $25 million and $30 million for alimony.

Events leading to their separation included Eastwood’s relationship with actress cum director Sondra Locke whom he met in 1972. They starred together in The Outlaw Josey Wales (1975) and lived together while shooting the film. Locke was also married at the time although her husband was living with his gay partner somewhere in West Hollywood.

Eastwood and Locke went on to star in a string of films including The Gauntlet, Every Which Way But Loose, Bronco Billy, and more. However, their relationship wasn’t as perfect as their admired on-screen chemistry — Locke had to undergo two abortions for Eastwood who while still living with her began an affair with stewardess Jacelyn Reeves with whom he fathered two children; Scott Eastwood (March 21, 1986) and Kathryn Eastwood (born February 2, 1988).

Ensuing Eastwood and Locke’s separation was a lengthy and messy court battle that came to an end in 1996 after Eastwood settled out of court.

The court cases against Locke didn’t keep Eastwood from exploring with women. In 1990, he began a relationship with actress Frances Fisher whom he met on the set of the 1988 film Pink Cadillac. Their relationship lasted for 5 years producing one daughter Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (born 1993).

Eastwood 1995 began dating TV anchor Dina Ruiz, 35 years younger than him. They had first met in 1993 when Dina interviewed him about his film “Unforgiven.” Their relationship gained much attention as a result of their marriage on March 31, 1996. She would become the second woman Eastwood would be legally married to after his divorce from Maggie Johnson.

Their daughter Morgan Eastwood was born on December 12, 1996. Dina and Eastwood became separated in 2013 and finalized their divorce in December 2014.

After Dina, Eastwood has been linked with several other women. In February 2015, he confirmed his relationship with Christina Sandera, 33 years younger than him.

Height: 6 feet 3 inches (1.93 m)

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