Is Eli Roth Related To Tim Roth? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Hollywood is that place where some people bear the same last name but have nothing in common but for their workspace. One may be led to think that these celebrities have some sort of family relation to each other as a result of similarities in their last names, but on further investigation, they are actually not related to each other at all and some even have different nationalities. We see or hear it often about different celebrities who are mistaken as relatives courtesy of their similar surnames; some even have the same first and last names.

Examples can be seen in the music world, acting arena, sports circle and in the modeling industry as well. Some of them include actresses and , recording artist, actress, and author, and actress , dancer Kathryn McCormick and actress , Canadian journalist and American singer/songwriter .

Similar to the example we’ve given above, this article will be looking into the relationship between American director, producer, writer, and actor, Eli Roth and English actor and director, Roth, who are from different countries but are often mistaken as relatives courtesy of their same last names.

Is Eli Roth Related To Tim Roth?

The horror maven, Eli Roth is not related to Tim Roth. Eli Raphael Roth is an American director, producer, writer, and actor known mostly for his work in the horror films genres such as Cabin Fever (2003) and Hostel (2005) which brought him to prominence. As an actor, Eli appeared in Inglorious Bastards, Death Proof, AfterShock, and Rock of Ages but mostly works behind the screen these days.

He was born to Cora Roth, a painter and Sheldon Roth, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and clinical professor at Harvard Medical School on April 18th, 1972 in Newton, Massachusetts. He was raised Jewish alongside his two siblings, brothers Adam J. Roth and Gabriel Roth. Obviously of American nationality, his family has ties to Austria, Hungary, Russia, and Poland. Eli Roth is a polyglot; fluent in English, French, Italian, and Russian.

Tim Roth, on the other hand, is an English actor and director known for his role as Myron in The Hit (1984), The Hateful Eight (2015), and 600 Miles (2016). He was born on 14th of May, 1961 in Dulwich, London. His mother, Ann, just like Eli’s mom is a painter and also a teacher while his father, Ernie is a Fleet Street journalist, painter, as well as member of the British Communist Party until the 1970s. He has Irish roots from his father’s side.

Eli was married to Chilean actress and model from November 2014 until their divorce in July 2018. Tim has been married to Nikki Butler since 1993 and they have two sons together; Timothy Hunter (born 1995) and Michael Cormac (born 1996). He has another son, Jack Roth, born to in 1984. Jack is also an actor.


Everything You Need To Know

Now we know that Eli Roth is not related to Tim Roth, at least not in any way we know of, here is every other thing you need to know.

It is imperative to bring to your notice a brief background of the surname in question; Roth. It is of German, English, and Jewish (Ashkenazic) origin with various theories as per its derivatives including it being the German word rot which means red. The name is often used as a nickname for red-haired people.

It is also common in northern Europe, Scotland and other English-speaking countries as well as in German-speaking countries. Though not originally a Hebrew name, the Jewish people adopted various established names, many of which were common amongst non-Jewish people in their respective countries. So, it is not surprising that the two actors bear the name; now we know that anyone can bear it after all.

Besides Eli and Tim, there are other celebrities with the same last names who have no relationship to each other. They include Canadian actress Roth, British model, Thekla Roth, American rock vocalist Roth, and American politician, Jim Roth.

Meanwhile, Roth wasn’t originally Tim family’s surname. His father, Ernie, born to a family of Irish descent in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn changed his surname in the 1940s from Smith to the German/Yiddish Roth as a way to express solidarity with the victims of the Holocaust.

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