Is Eliza Hutton Married, Who Is Her Husband? Where Is She Now?

Is Eliza Hutton Married, Who Is Her Husband? Where Is She Now?

Eliza Hutton was one of the leading women in Hollywood who worked extensively behind the scenes to bring the vision of scriptwriters to life through her skills as a casting director. She was practically a force to be reckoned with in the 1990s as she was instrumental in giving new budding actors and actresses the much-deserved opportunity to get featured in movies based on merit and pure talent. More so, she gained more popularity after her highly publicized marriage to Brand Lee, the son of famous Chinese martial artist, Bruce Lee. Here are the more interesting facts you should know.

Eliza Hutton Bio

Eliza Hutton was born in Kansas City, Missouri, the United States of America, on the 9th of February 1964. She is of the white ethnicity. As a kid, she was raised in Kansas City, which is also her hometown. Though information about her education is limited, one thing that is known is that she had most of her formative schooling in her hometown.

Her venture into the world of movies in Hollywood was kickstarted in 1988 when she found work as the executive assistant for Mr. Harlin. She then worked in the production of a good number of very successful movies including; Die Hard 2: Die Harder in 1990 and Cliffhanger in 1993. She also worked at Stillwater Productions company (which was owned by British-Canadian producer and actor, Kiefer Sutherland) as a scriptwriter.

Eliza Hutton then went ahead to work on the set of the movie, The Crow. But after the tragic demise of one of the top-billed cast on the set of the movie, she decided to head back to the east coast. Eliza Hutton later moved to Los Angeles during the late 90s where she would work briefly as a casting director in a few movies and take on some personal projects. However, since she got to Los Angeles she has not worked as much as producers expected her too and it was mostly for reasons best known to her.

Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband?

For a long time working as a casting director, Eliza Hutton was majorly preoccupied with her work with little or no time for dating but things changed after meeting Brandon Lee. They both got acquainted first in 1990 while they were both working with director Harlin. Interestingly, Brandon Lee was an actor whose father happened to be the legendary Chinese kung fu fighter, martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee. In the late 90s, Eliza the began dating Brandon but two years later in 1992, Brandon Lee proposed to her while they were on their way to Europe for a short vacation.

Is Eliza Hutton Married, Who Is Her Husband? Where Is She Now?
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Things were going so well and Eliza Hutton couldn’t have been happier but this was not to last as tragedy soon struck. Just a year after she was proposed to, which was on the 31st of a March 1993, in Wilmington, Brandon Lee was hit by a dummy bullet while he was on the set of the Gothic themed comic movie, The Crow. The bullet which hit his abdomen and spine eventually resulted in his tragic death just twelve hours after he was shot. Brandon Lee was only 28 years old at the time of his unfortunate demise.

After his death, Eliza dedicated most of her following years as an active casting director to making sure that stricter regulations on guns are enforced on movie sets so as to prevent unfortunate incidents like what happened to her fiancé. By the time the movie was finished and released, it was dedicated to Brandon and Eliza. After a long time of staying single, Eliza met another guy whom she got married to in 2004. She has managed to keep his identity off the spotlight.

Where Is She Now

Eliza Hutton has been laying low for a while now as she is rarely involved with Hollywood as much as she used to be in the past. However, she recently worked as a crew assistant on the set of Keifer Sutherland for the series, The Confession. She also works part-time as a child welfare personnel aids to find foster homes for kids who need one. Eliza Hutton lives with her husband in Los Angeles.