Is Jennifer Jason Leigh Now Married Since She Left Noah Baumbach?

In a culture where divorce and failed marriages have become the order of the day, it is only natural that the relationships of celebrities are constantly under scrutiny. Jennifer Jason Leigh married Noah Baumbach on the 2nd of September 2005 and like all newlyweds, Noah had said he hoped to spend the rest of his life with Jennifer but that was not to be.

Born in Hollywood California, to a father who was an established and celebrated actor, Jennifer had to drop her powerful last name to prove to herself that she could excel in the industry without being linked to her father. Jason made her breakthrough in the 1982 movie the Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Stacy Hamilton. Over an impressive career spanning over four decades, Jennifer has starred in movies such as Miami Blues, Last Exit to Brooklyn, The Hateful Eight, Backdraft, Single White Female, and Short Cuts. She has been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, and a Drama Desk Award.

Here is a chronicle of the relationship between Jennifer and Noah Baumbach and what the former lovebirds are up to these days.

Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Relationship With Noah Baumbach

Jennifer Jason Leigh first met Noah Baumbach through a mutual friend and co-star Josh Hamilton in 2001 while she was on the set of the Broadway play Proof. At the time, Leigh was living in the West Village. They started dating that same year and didn’t tie the knot until four years later in 2005. Reports from both parties indicate that they were excited about sharing their lives together and were optimistic about their future.

Their relationship transcended into their professional life as they worked together on the 2007 family comedy Margot At The Wedding, which featured established actors like starring and . They also co-wrote the movie Greenberg, which also had and .

Five years after their wedding, on March 17, 2010, they welcomed their son Rohmer. In a surprising and somewhat strange turn of events, seven months after the birth of their son Jennifer Jason Leigh filed a document to a court to end the union, citing irreconcilable differences. In her petition, she requested primary custody and visitation for Baumbach. The divorce was finalized in September 2013.

Just like Jason, Noah Baumbach is the son of literary royalty. His parents are film critics while Noah is a film director and writer in his own right. Over the course of his career, he has carved a niche for himself as a writer with a bias for quirky romantic stories. His first being a comedy Kicking and Screaming which he wrote and directed at the age of 26, in 1995. He has gone on to the write and direct films like Mistress America, Margot at the Wedding, Frances Ha, The Meyerowitz Stories and While We’re Young.

Is Jennifer Jason Leigh Married?

Ever since the end of her seven-year marriage to Noah Baumbach, Jennifer has done well to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of the media. She is yet to make any public appearances with anyone and has been absolutely coy on her love life.

The same, however, cannot be said about her ex-husband Noah Baumbach, who seems to have a thing for meeting his love interests while on the sets of movie projects. He met actress, writer, and director Greta Gerwig, in 2009, after he cast her in the film Greenberg which he co-wrote with his now-ex-wife Jennifer Jason Leigh.

While they met in 2009, they didn’t start dating until 2011 when they co-wrote the film Frances Ha. One month into the production, they were all over themselves and officially dating.

There have been rumors swirling that Gerwig’s presence in Noah’s life must have been one of the underlying reasons his marriage to Jennifer Jason Leigh packed up. The seeming overlapping relationship timelines have been pointed to as a possible reason for the “irreconcilable differences” that saw to the end of Jennifer’s marriage.

Despite all the woes, Jennifer has remained classy and on many occasion, she said they both co-parent their son incredibly well. It is clear that both parties have gone their separate ways in the most amicable way possible, while Noah seems to have found love again, that can’t be said about Jennifer just yet. Better still she may have found but has decided to play her cards close to her chest.