Is Kid Rock Dead? Does He Have A Son Or Girlfriend? His Net Worth

The memory of certain people within the public space will be hinged on how successful and talented they were, how they were geniuses in multiple fields and excelled at anything they set out to achieve. American musician Kid Rock is one of such people. This multi-talented man has excelled in the art of musical production, songwriting, mastery of musical instruments and acting.

Very few people in the world can boast of possessing the talent that Kid Rock has and actually go ahead to utilize it the way this man has done. To learn more about the wonderful life of Kid Rock, keep reading.


William Ritchie and Susan Ritchie welcomed their child Robert James Ritchie who is popularly known by his alias Kid Rock to the world on the 17th of January in 1971. James Ritchie was born in a village called Romeo in Michigan. Robert James Ritchie’s childhood was lived in comfort as his father was a wealthy man who created his wealth from his many car dealerships.

As opposed to the type of life that Kid Rock has spoken of in his music, his life as a child was relatively comfortable; this would be expected of anyone who grew up in an estate that was six acres large. He is not the only child of his parents as he has one brother and two sisters, one of his sisters is the American actress Jill Ritchie.

For his high school education, Ritchie attended the local school, Romeo High School. This was where he began to hone his skills in the art of music as he found ways to be the DJ at a lot of parties. It was during this period in his life that he took on the moniker, Kid Rock, one he has maintained into his adulthood. The skill required to be a DJ was one he learned by himself, as well as rapping and break dancing, these were what he needed to break into the world of hip-hop.

Robert Ritchie’s career in music kicked off professionally when he joined The Beast Crew, with this group, he performed at a number of shows and created music that caused major record labels to want to sign him. As a result of his immense talent, it was not difficult for Kid Rock to quickly rise to fame and when Jive Records signed him, he was seventeen years old, the same age he released his first album Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. He was already garnering popularity for himself in the town where he grew up but Ritchie did not experience national fame until he was signed to Atlantic Records in 1997.

From then onwards, Robert Ritchie became a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, with a career in music that has been filled with songs from different genres of music, as well as a career in acting.

Net Worth

Following a career timelime that has lasted for almost thirty decades, riddled with successful projects, it is no shocker that Kid Rock’s estimated net worth rests at $80 million. He is not just a musician and actor but owns a number of businesses as well, which all come together and make him a very wealthy man.


Does He Have A Son Or Girlfriend?

Kid Rock has one child, a son who is named after him. His son’s mother is a woman called Kelly South Russell; both of them were in a relationship for ten years which can be traced back to when they were both in the eighth grade. Robert James Ritchie Jr. was born in 1993; he has a child now which makes Kid Rock a grandfather.

Robert James Ritchie has had a number of romantic relationships and has been married before. He was married to actress and model,  and the marriage lasted for only five months. He is currently single.

Is Kid Rock Dead?

On the 4th of July in 2017, a rumour that Kid Rock was dead circulated on Facebook, with many fans fearing that he was dead. It was only a rumour after all as the musician is very much still alive.

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