Is Leon Bridges Married, Who is the Wife or Girlfriend and Other Interesting Facts?

Is Leon Bridges Married, Who is the Wife or Girlfriend and Other Interesting Facts?

Leon Bridges is undoubtedly a great musician. Initially, the singer/songwriter/record producer started off by playing open-mics in several shows. But who knew he would go on to become a singer extraordinaire with a strong and loyal fanbase. Bridges is best known for Coming Home, which is his debut album, and for working with notable performers such as guitarist Austin Jenkins and Joshua Block of the Rock band, and White Denim. Leon isn’t just a vocalist, whenever he is on the stage he keeps his fingers busy on the guitar, which he learned by playing simple chords to go along with his lyrics. You will appreciate this talented musician better as you read the facts and events of his life, including what we know about his love life and other interesting facts we gathered about him.

Biography of Leon Bridges

Leon was born to Wallace Bridges Sr. and Lisa Sawyer on the 13th day of July 1989, in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. The singer holds American nationality and belongs to the black ethnicity. He was raised in a poor family but that didn’t discourage him from striving for the top as a child. The Coming Home hitmaker has a younger brother called Wallace Jr and three half-sisters who came from his father’s relationship with another woman after he divorced Lisa. In his younger age, Bridges used to split his time between inner-city Dallas and suburban Fort Worth following his parent’s (originally from New Orleans) divorce when he was seven years old. Dallas was where his dad worked at a community center.

He studied at a predominantly white, middle-class elementary school located in Crowley, a city that is 5 miles from downtown Fort Worth and later at Crowley High School, where he learned some great dance steps from a classmate. After high school, Leon enrolled at Tarrant County College with the intention to study dancing but his mother wouldn’t let him do that. Having spent some months at home, the singer sidestepped his mother’s wishes and took up advanced courses in jazz, ballet, and later street dancing and hip-hop. Upon completing his studies, Bridges picked up jobs at a restaurant and an eye-solution plant to help his mom.

Oddly enough, he was discovered due to his love for soul music and vintage fashion – he wears a razor-sharp hair parting, vintage suits, natty loafers, and starched-collared shirts tucked into high-waist trousers. After getting connected to Austin Jenkins (who has a similar vintage fashion sense) and Joshua Block, the two helped him to produce his first few tracks, including Coming Home which they produced at their studio. Ever since then, the soul singer has continued to win many hearts with his performance. So far, he has released two wonderful albums – Coming Home (released June 23, 2015) and Good Thing (released May 4, 2018) under Columbia Records. He has been with the label since 2014, while his debut album was nominated for Best R&B Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

Is Leon Bridges Married, Who is the Wife or Girlfriend and Other Interesting Facts?
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Is Leon Bridges Married, Who is The Wife or Girlfriend?

Leon Bridges is not married yet. He is single but very focused on his fast-growing career. However, he has had one serious romantic relationship in his life. He once shared in an interview that he called it quits with his ex-girlfriend in 2014. He didn’t disclose the identity of the lady and how long they dated. Now that his popularity has grown, Bridges is yet to be seen with a girl nor has he hit the headlines for getting married. He appears to be flying solo and not really ready to settle down with the opposite gender yet.

Other Interesting Facts About Him

1. Leon Bridges may not have been in the music industry for so long but he has really come a long way since his Coming Home days. The singer officially launched his career in the year 2014 and since then, he has continued to grow his day job from one level of success to another.

2. It’s very safe to say that Bridges’ powerful presence and sudden meteoric rise to fame in the industry have really helped his financial life. We are not surprised that he is yet to be listed on the billionaires league because he boasts a young career but we are glad he stands a chance of moving to the top if he continues to impress his fans. At the moment, the exact amount he earns monthly is yet to be disclosed, and also, the value of his assets is still under review.

3. Talking about his height, the old-school soul singer stands at a height of 6 feet but his weight and other body measurements are not known. Leon is blessed with a slim physique that complements his slender face. The color of his hair is black while his eyes are dark brown.

4. The singer grew up listening to so many songs but his favorites were Usher and R. Kelly’s Confessions album. He wrote some of his first songs as well.

5. Leon was born under the birth sign of Cancer.

6. Although his birth name is Todd Michael Bridges, he is popularly known in the show business as Leon, a nickname he picked due to his similarity to the actor who portrayed singer David Ruffin in the film, The Temptations. 

7. Bridges and his family (mom, and half-sister) temporarily lived with ten of his relatives who moved into their apartment from New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

8. Lisa Sawyer, one of the songs from his debut album was named after his mother (Lisa Sawyer).