Is Lisa Robertson Married? How Much Is She Worth; What Is She Doing Now?

Is Lisa Robertson Married? How Much Is She Worth; What Is She Doing Now?

One thing that can never be forgotten about Lisa Robertson is the fact that she worked with the QVC television network for so many years. To date, some people think she still works with the company or its associated with them in some way. But Robertson has bid her final goodbyes to the network and has moved on to another side of life.

Lisa born on November 7, 1965, in Hamilton County Tennesse was a popular presenter on the QVC television network and left a lot of indelible marks there. Although she studied Long Term Health Administration in college, Robertson seems not to be practicing at the moment. But then only the former TV host can say something about that.

A lot of people want to know what has happened to Lisa since her QVC exit. It is kind of unfortunate for her fans that she does not tell much about her private life on social media. This is why questions have been asked about her personal life, recent endeavors, and so on. In the area of her personal life, we would try to answer this question:

Who Is Lisa Robertson Husband?

The question should rather be; does Lisa Robertson have a husband?. It won’t be wrong to say that this question is expected, bearing in mind her age, societal expectations, and whatnot. But one thing we can assure you is that Robertson is a happy independent woman. And depending on the way you look at it, she is surely not a single woman. She is dating a fitness trainer named Eric McGee. The couple has been going out for some years now and has left their fans wanting more with their awe-inspiring relationship.

You can choose to raise your brows to the fact that Robertson is eleven years older than her man, but the truth remains that they are as happy as they can be. Eric’s forte is in fitness; he is an established fitness trainer. And for those asking, we, like her fans are hoping that McGee becomes Lisa’s husband sooner than later.

Is Lisa Robertson Married? How Much Is She Worth; What Is She Doing Now?
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What Is Her Net Worth And How Did She Earn It?

Lisa Robertson has achieved so much financially over the years. It is likely that many would think that the media personality still depends on her QVC benefits even as she has left the family, but Lisa has moved on to other things. She is a lifestyle brand creator and also an interior decorator. All these contribute to her enviable financial status.

The former QVC presenter has her net worth estimated at $5 million. We cannot talk about Lisa’s net worth without bringing to mind that she was earning an average of $1 million a year as her salary during her time at the TV network.

What Has Lisa Been Up To Lately?

Life at QVC was all fun and interesting for Lisa but as earlier mentioned, she has moved on to other things. Apparently, Lisa has a passion for jewelry designs. Not many knew this but it began to fully manifest after the former presenter left the network. She had launched a jewelry line G.I.L.I was back in 2012 but nothing much was known about it. After her exit from the network, Lisa has fully commercialized her brand and also owns a website where she sells and advertises her designs.

Lisa Robertson has also spread her wings to other areas like Christmas decorations, shoes, handbags, etc. People who follow her on Instagram must have seen the very unique style she displays on the platform. Lisa’s jewelry business has taken her to so many countries; Robertson has apparently traveled to over 15 countries in the course of her work, and she doesn’t hesitate to share with her fans on social media the beautiful things she finds.

One of the countries she has traveled to the most is Paris, France. She always goes there to work on and develop her designs. Doing an entirely different thing may seem like a challenge which Lisa admits, but then it has given her the opportunity to experience another side of life. The most interesting part of it is that she is doing what she loves.

Is Lisa Robertson Married? How Much Is She Worth; What Is She Doing Now?
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Other Facts to Know About Lisa Robertson

Why She Left QVC

Robertson left QVC in 2014 after a successful and inspiring 20 years with the company. She was a presenter on the network and was quite popular for her beauty, carriage, grace, poise, you name it. But after 20 years with the company, Lisa decided it was time to be her own boss as well as try out new things.

Lisa Robertson Was Into Beauty Pageantry

No one takes a good look at Lisa Robertson without thinking that she ought to be a beauty queen. Indeed she was into pageantry in her younger days and won the Miss Tennessee crown in the 1989 Miss America pageant. In 1990 she won the US Pearl Princess crown.

Other Accolades

Robertson’s exit from QVC in 2014 came with a lot of recognition and accolades. She was given the Philadelphia woman distinction award that year and was also included in Philadelphia’s most powerful women that year too.

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