Is Marc Bendavid Married or Gay? Why Did He Leave Dark Matter?

Is Marc Bendavid Married or Gay? Why Did He Leave Dark Matter?

Marc Bendavid is a Canadian actor who played the part of Romeo in the play, Romeo and Juliet. In a movie industry where opportunities may not come twice, it may only take just one career-defining role to take one to the peak of his career. This was true for Marc Bendavid. His acting has been outstanding and he has proven his worth on stage, on television, and in film. With his good looks, fans and admirers would be eager to know about his private life, especially his sexuality. Read further to satisfy your curiosity.

Who is Marc Bendavid?

Marc Bendavid is an actor. He is involved in both television, film, and stage acting. He is a Canadian and was born on June 12, 1986, in Toronto, Canada, to a father who is a Moroccan Jew and a mother who is a Belgian. Marc attended Unionville High School and was later accepted into the National Theatre School of Canada. He graduated in 2004.

Marc is someone who has never restricted himself to acting on only one platform. He acts on any stage the occasion demands which has seen him feature in stage plays, TV shows, and movies. He has had many lead and supporting roles and is famous for the role he played in the movie, Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, where he featured Babara Hershey’s child, Dominic Blythe. He has also played the part of Philip in the Late Spring motion picture Summer in the City which was produced in 2016. He starred in the movie, A Rose for Christmas in 2017 where he played the role of Cliff Baskets and has also featured in many top Canadian series such as The Listener, Flashpoint and has repeated roles in Degrassi.

However, his first series was Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, and the TV film, Too Late to Say Goodbye is his most popular movie. Bendavid has likewise appeared on TV shows like Murdoch Mysteries, Dark Matter, Too Late To Say Goodbye, and Her Husband’s Betrayal. Marc has also done some onstage acts where he played roles like in Romeo And Juliet, The Madonna Painter, and The View from the Bridge.

Is He Married or Gay?

Many people are eager to know about the private life of this handsome Canadian actor such as his relationships and affairs, who he is dating, is he married or is he gay? When it comes to his private life, Marc Bendavid loves to keep it as private as possible and away from the media. He tries his best to avoid controversies and loves a simple life. So far, Marc has not been seen hanging out with any girlfriend in public places or events. He has also never uploaded a picture of any girl who could be suspected or rumored to be his girlfriend. In this case, it is difficult to say he is dating anyone.

Is Marc Bendavid Married or Gay? Why Did He Leave Dark Matter?
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As to whether he is married? The answer is No. Bendavid is not married and the fact that he is a celebrity who has been in the entertainment business for more than a decade and there has never been a rumor of him being in a relationship (with any female) has raised a lot of questions about his sexuality and made people think that Bendavid might be gay. The Canadian-born actor has said nothing concerning these suspicions from fans and admirers. To whether he is gay? The answer is No as he has not confirmed it nor done anything to prove it so. Marc is just busy living his simple life and directing more of his time to his career rather than being involved in these kinds of activities that may probably create controversies in his life.

Why Did Marc Bendavid Leave Dark Matter?

Marc Bendavid was cast in the Canadian sci-fiction series, Dark Matter which was produced in 2014 by Joseph Mallozzi. He played the role of One in the series that was premiered in 2015. For many Marc Bendavid fans and viewers who asked lots of questions as to why he was missing in the cast list for the next episode, the death of his character ‘One’ in the series came as a shock to them. Some say he was written out for storytelling reasons. The executive producer of the Dark Matter series, Joseph Mallozzi in an interview said he explained to Marc the reason why his name was missing from the cast list. He said that even though the character One in the series is gone, Marc still stands the chance to play two characters on the show cause even though the character One is gone, Jace Corso is still out there.

Syfy, the cable channel that was in charge of the show later canceled it because it had so many other scripted sci-fi series that were running. So ending the show really had nothing to do with the show itself. To answer the question of why Marc left Dark Matter? Marc Bendavid did not leave but (his character) was written out and just as Joseph Mallozzi said, he stands the chance to play two other characters. Marc Bendavid still hangs out and has dinner with the crew of Dark Matter.