Is Mario Casas Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Mario Casas was born Mario Casas Sierra and he is a Spanish actor who started his acting career in 2005 appearing in Spanish telenovelas like Personal Motives (Motivos Personales), Women (Mujeres) and Obsesión (Obsession). His film debut came the following year when he starred in ‘ El camino de los ingleses (Summer Rain).

Beyond his rich acting portfolio, a lot goes on in the life of the Spanish actor which you won’t see in any film. Below is all you need to know about the ladies’ man; including his bio, height, sexual orientation and relationship.

Early Life

Casas was born in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain on the 12th of June 1986 as Mario Casas Sierra. His parents Heidi and Ramon Casas had him when they were just teenagers. His mom was seventeen years old at the time and his dad nineteen.

After him, his parents had four other kids; his immediate younger sister Sheila, who he has a special bond with was born a year and a half after he was born. After Sheila came Christian and Oscar. His youngest brother Daniel, who he considered almost a nephew due to the age difference between them was born in 2014.

Mario defines his family as a “Sicilian family”, that is, a family with many children established around a “matriarch”; this is because his father worked as a carpenter and was always moving from one city to another and the kids spent a lot more time with their mom than their dad.

The family moved to Barcelona when Mario was just four years old; when he turned eighteen, he moved to the Spanish capital on an adventure and his whole family moved with him; due to the nature of his father’s job, it wasn’t difficult for him to accompany his son to Madrid with the entire family when he left Barcelona. The Casas family are so knightly bond; Mario Casas considers his father his role model and his mother and siblings his confidants.


Growing up, Casas had interest in everything Arts; he sang and danced, he also played football and ping-pong. When he became older, he decided to go into acting professionally after he enrolled at the Cristina Rota School of Dramatic Arts. Mario kicked off his career first in advertising. He appeared in commercials for Scalextric, Telepizza, Cola Cao, among others.

In 2005, he kicked off his acting career appearing in Spanish telenovelas like Personal Motives (Motivos personales), Women (Mujeres) and Obsesión (Obsession). The following year, he made his film debut in Antonio Banderas’ El camino de los ingleses (Summer Rain), the movie introduced him to a larger audience.

Later that same year (2006), he joined the cast of the TV series SMS which aired on LaSexta, the following year, he began starring on the series Los hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) which aired on Antena 3 from 2007 to 2010. In 2009, Mario starred in two hit movies Brain Drain (Fuga de cerebros) and Sex, Party and Lies (Mentiras y Gordas). In the former, he starred alongside Amaia Salamanca and in the latter with Hugo Silva, Yon González, Ana de Armas, and Ana Maria Polvorosa. Both movies did well at the Box Office in the weekend of their releases.

The next year, Mario Casas was in in the movie Three Steps Above Heaven (Tres metros Sobre el cielo) alongside María Valverde. The movie became the highest-grossing Spanish movie that year. He also starred in Paco Cabezas’ Carne de neon(Neon Meat) and Jaume Balagueró’s Miedo later that year. The year 2012 had him star in I Want You (Tengo ganas de) alongside Clara Lago and Valverde. Between late 2013 and early 2014, Casas shuttled between Colombia and Chile for his second English movie project  Los 33 (The 33). The movie, which also starred Juliette Binoche and Antonio Banderas was based on the Chilean mining accident which happened in 2010.

In 2015, he starred in Álex de la Iglesia’s new comedy film My Great Night and in the romantic drama film Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmeras en la Nieve). His latest movie is 2018 El fotógrafo de Mauthausen. A movie that tells the story of a Spanish republican photographer named Francisco Boix who was sent to Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp complex during the Second World War and played a role in the conviction of the Nazi War Criminals. Mario had to lose twenty-six pounds that is twelve kilograms to play Boix during his imprisonment.

The Spanish actor – Mario Casas is a recipient of several Spanish Awards including the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics Awards, EñE Film Awards, EP3 Awards, LesGaiCineMad Festival Awards, Micrófono de Oro Awards, Neox Fan Awards, Villarreal International Short Film Festival Awards and Zaragoza Film Festival Awards.

Is Mario Casas Gay, Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

As far as we know, Mario Casas is not gay. He has always been a ladies man. According to his parents, the actor from time immemorial been a flirt; he had his first girlfriend at age four and despite his late growth (at 15, he still had the body of a child).

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Mario has always had his way with women with a good number of dates to show for it; from María Valverde to Berta Vázquez and then Blanca Suárez whom he has been dating since 2018. The couple has however not revealed they will be tying the knots anytime soon but everything seems to be going on well between them.

How Tall is Mario Casas?

Despite his late growth; according to Mario’s parents, at the age of fifteen, he still had the body of a child, the handsome man, however, didn’t end up a short guy after all. He is 5 ft 9 inches tall, which is 1.8m.

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