Is Nomiki Konst Married What Are Her Measurements and Religion?

Is Nomiki Konst Married What Are Her Measurements and Religion?

Nomiki Konst is a woman that never ceases to amaze people with her numerous talents in whatever field she decides to venture into. The actress turned political commentator, women rights activist, investigative reporter, and start-up strategist have become one of the leading political analysts in the USA because of her resolve to voice her concerns on political matters without being partisan. As a result of her influence in the political terrain despite not holding a political office, she has grown to be loved and respected by many. The following are answers to the questions often asked about her.

Nomiki Konst Bio & Religion

Nomiki Konst was born on January 27, 1984, in Tucson, Arizona to Harry Konst (father) and Kathy Konst (mother). She is of American nationality and Greek ethnicity. Her name Nomiki means law – a name she was given in fulfillment of ancient Greek traditions that require the firstborn of a family to be named after paternal grandfather or grandmother as the gender applies. In her case, by virtue of being the first child, she was named after her paternal grandmother, Nomiki.

As regards her religion, she is a Greek Orthodox Christian. There is zero information regarding her elementary or high school education, nevertheless, she is said to be a very good student, witty, and eager to learn. Before completing her high school education, she had become well versed in speaking four languages – English, Greek, French, and Spanish.

Upon completion of her high school education, she decided to study Law in line with family traditions at the prestigious Ivy League Columbia University in New York. During her time at the university, she was known to be a dedicated member of the largest co-educational law fraternity in the USA, the Phi Alpha Delta.

In 2008, Nomiki Konst decided to delve into acting with her making her movie debut in Breathless Girl. Following the success recorded, she went on to stare in the short comedy film titled I’m voting Republican later that year. The movie that brought her to the spotlight was the 2009 horror The Virgin Murders in which she played the role of Carrie Jones. Having established a name for herself, she set up a platform for Hollywood stars called Alliance Hollywood which was aimed at training and equipping entertainers with the ability to speak on public issues, before going on to work on the re-election campaign of former President Barack Obama in 2012. In 2013, she even became more popular after setting up her podcast called The Accountability Podcast which focused solely on investigating and pointing out several cases of political corruption.

As a result of her advocacy, she has gone on to appear on several TV networks such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC where she discussed issues relating to government policies, corruption, and women’s rights. Having nurtured a reputation for commenting on several national issues as well as advocating for a better minimum wage rate in New York, she announced in September 2018 that she will be running for New York public advocate.

Is Nomiki Konst Married What Are Her Measurements and Religion?
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Is Nomiki Konst Married?

Over the years, there have been lots of speculations surrounding the relationship status of Nomiki Konst. While various sources claim that she is married, others have suggested otherwise. Well, let’s make one thing crystal clear, Nomiki is indeed a married woman. Her marriage can be regarded as one of the best-kept secrets of this present generation as basically nothing is known about her husband or their exact date of marriage except the fact that they got married in 2015.

What Are Nomiki Konst’s Measurements?

If you’ve ever listened to Nomiki Konst being interviewed on the radio, you will be impressed by her ability to talk though, and probably imagine her to be a mean-looking woman with zero smiles and a really harsh demeanor. This is not so, she is a cheerful and pretty woman with large black eyes, black hair, and full lips that enhance her already very pretty face.

With a height of 163 cm and her fine body weight, it is no surprise she once ranked 2nd in a list of 30 most beautiful women in politics. Even as we are yet to confirm other details of her body measurements, it’s obvious that Nomiki is the true definition of a complete woman – beauty and brains.