Is Selena Gomez Dating Anyone, Has She Moved On From Justin Bieber?

Is Selena Gomez Dating Anyone, Has She Moved On From Justin Bieber?

Everything about celebrities is fascinating and people are always interested in knowing all they can about what their beloved star is up to especially with regards to their personal lives. What kind of foods they eat, their favorite beauty routines, and so on. However, no other subject sparks as much curiosity as who a celebrity happens to be dating. Selena Gomez has her love life is no different.

Ever since she rose to fame by starring in the Disney television series, Wizards of Waverly Place, we have pretty much watched her grow up from the girl she used to be into the woman she is today. The media and public have borne witness to her love life from the very moment she entered the dating world. All her relationships have been played out in the public eye, from her long rollercoaster-like relationship with the pop singer Justin Bieber to other short-lived romances with stars like The Weekend, Zedd, and Taylor Lautner.

When Selena’s most famous ex, Justin Bieber exchanged vows with Hailey Baldwin, it brought a lot of attention her way as fans wanted to know how she felt about the marriage and whether she had sufficiently moved on from the Canadian pop star. The actress and singer have been really busy these days. Selena has been working on a new album, a fashion collection, and just living her best life. With all that she has to deal with in her professional life, has she had time for the personal?

Here’s all you need to know about the state of Selena Gomez’s love life at the moment.

Is Selena Gomez Dating Anyone?

The Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself crooner has been out of a relationship for quite some time now and focusing more on finding herself and being on her own. This still hasn’t stopped fans or the media from hoping that she finds love soon which is why every time she is caught getting cozy with a new guy, the tabloids go crazy. Well, the good news is Selena has gotten better since her last emotional meltdown and she is in the right headspace to get back into the dating scene.

Recently, she was spotted with a mystery man at Disneyland, and rumors began spreading that the mystery man was her new boyfriend. It was later revealed that the man in the pictures was Andrea Lervolino, a producer and that he and Selena Gomez were just friends who had no intentions of dating each other.

It was also thought that Selena was dating the actor Zac Efron because he followed her on Instagram. However, both of them denied that this was true, stating that they only had a professional and platonic relationship.

Another dalliance that gave fans a lot of hope was Selena Gomez’s relationship with Niall Horan, the former One Direction singer. The pair were seen hanging out on numerous occasions which led people to wonder if they were really dating. It turns out, they have been friends for a long time and that’s all there is to their relationship. They have flirted and crushed on each other in the past, but that’s the closest they have come to being romantically entangled.

It appears that although Selena is ready to date again, she’s going to find love when the time is right. For now, she’s still happily single.

Is Selena Gomez Dating Anyone, Has She Moved On From Justin Bieber?
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Has Selena Moved On From Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber was Selena Gomez’s first serious relationship and it lasted for several years, on and off, starting in 2010 before it eventually petered for good in 2017. In between their many breakups and makeups, she has had other wonderful and meaningful relationships that suggest she is really putting the Bieber fiasco to rest.

Selena famously dated the singer The Weeknd for about 10 months in 2017. The relationship ended because she was going through a very difficult period with her health and coupled with their busy schedules, they hardly spent enough time together.

Sometime in 2016, Selena Gomez dated Charlie Puth, but the relationship didn’t become public until after it had already ended. She also went on to date a man called Samuel Krost. Before that, she had a short relationship with the DJ Zedd but things didn’t work out between the two either.

The heartthrob Nick Jonas was also one of Selena’s boyfriends for a few months, as was her Wizard of Waverly Place costar, David Henrie whom she dated on and off in 2010 and 2014. The award-winning singer also had a short-lived romance with Tommy Chiabra, an Italian businessman who owns a yacht company.

While Justin Bieber will always hold a special place in Selena Gomez’s heart, she seems to have completely moved on from him now.

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