Is There A Jack Reacher 3 Movie And Is Tom Cruise Making The New Sequel?

The Jack Reacher franchise has everything it takes to become a hit. The book series written by Lee Child has already sold over 100 million copies from at least 23 books, including short stories. So far, two movies have been made from the book series, the first being Jack Reacher: One Shot – released in 2012 and adapted from the novel One Shot, the 9th book in the series. The second Jack Reacher movie is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – released in 2016 and adapted from the 18th book in the series titled Never Go Back.

Being that there are still a mammoth number of books from which Jack Reacher movies can be made, fans have wondered whether or not there will be a Jack Reacher 3 movie and from which of the books in the series it would get its story. Here is everything we know about the possibility of a third Jack Reacher movie.

Is There A Jack Reacher 3 Movie?

To answer that question quickly – No, there is no Jack Reacher 3 Movie but that doesn’t mean the end of the franchise either. In Hollywood, filmmakers have the ability to feel the pulse of their audiences and since making films is all about the profit which comes from the pockets of the viewers, their opinion is somewhat put into consideration. So, when the second Jack Reacher movie did not measure up to expectations, the men behind the Jack Reacher franchise had to pause for a rethink.

The first film showed a lot of good signs, doing very well both commercially and critically. Upon its release, reviews on Rotten Tomatoes described the movie as an above-average crime thriller with a score of 63% from a pool of 179 reviews. At the global box office, the numbers were quite impressive – a whopping $218.3 million made against a budget of $60 million. With this returns in view, the makers were no doubt going to consider a second movie and then came Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in 2016. However, unlike film series where the second movie usually outshines the first, it was a different story for Jack Reacher. Never Back Down which only managed to make $162.1 million from a budget range of $60 million to $96 million. Critically, it was rated below average.

The performance of the second movie put a question mark on the making of a Jack Reacher 3 movie, while some had written it off, others remained hopeful. However, as months passed, it became increasingly obvious that a third movie in the franchise was not going to happen.

Clarity was finally given to the uncertainty surrounding the third movie when in August 2018, Lee Child, the brain behind the movie’s storyline, revealed that there would be no other sequel to the movie. Child hinted on the possibility of a TV series instead and by November 2018, he revealed that he had put pen to paper on a deal to reboot the franchise by making each of the Jack Reacher books into a TV series.

Is Tom Cruise Making the New Sequel for Jack Reacher?

At the center of the possibility of a Jack Reacher 3 movie was the action hero . Starting from when the first movie was released, readers of the Jack Reacher book series disapproved of Tom Cruise as the titular character and their reason was a valid one. According to the Jack Reacher books, the character of Jack Reacher is one of intimidating size, standing at 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing well above 210 pounds and a sprawling 50 inches chest size. So, when Cruise who stands at merely 5 feet 7 inches tall was chosen to play the titular role, fans were immediately disappointed.

With the making of the second movie in motion, fans began sending even more letters to Lee Child, requesting that Cruise be taken off the role as his physical attributes didn’t do justice to what he had described in his books. Child had originally defended the choice of Cruise by stating that his measurements in the book were only intended as a metaphor in a bid to describe the sheer size of the character. He also defended Cruise, stating that though he lacked the size, he was the only one with the persona to perfectly give life to Jack Reacher. Regardless, fans were not having it, as obvious in the somewhat boycott of the second installment. Child just had to listen.

For the Jack Reacher TV series, Child revealed that Tom Cruise has been dropped as the titular character. The new Jack Reacher, as of the time of this writing is yet to be unveiled.

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