Is There An Alien: Covenant Sequel? Everything We Know So Far

The killing of Dr. Shaw’s (Noomi Rapace) character in Alien: Covenant has left fans of the Alien franchise more concerned than ever as to if there is going to be a sequel, as that is their only chance to find out the mode of approach David adopted when he finally encountered the brutal engineers. As much as we would love to give a straight forward answer as regards if there would be a sequel, we can’t, because of its twisted and complicated nature.

By virtue of being a global phenomenon, it’s easy for fans and movie lovers to assume that continuity is the best option, but movie producers would beg to disagree, as it is better to take a bow on the high rather than keep releasing sequels to the point where the movie loses its intensity and significance, thus, straying from its intended message.

Is There an Alien: Covenant Sequel?

May 25, 2019, made it 40 years since the release of the Alien franchise’s first Installment movie titled Alien, which happens to be on the top ten list of greatest sci-fi movies ever made by the American Film Institute and other professional film bodies. Since its inception, the franchise has seen to the release of other movies such as Aliens, Aliens 3, Aliens Resurrection, Prometheus, and Alien: Covenant which was released in 2017.

Since the release of Alien 40 years ago, the franchise has proved on several occasions that it’s financially waxing strong with every installment earning outrageous amounts at the box office except the Alien: Covenant which turned out to be a huge disappointment financially. The movie which was shot in New Zealand was made on a budget of $111 million but grossed a mere $240 million, witnessing a significant drop from Prometheus which grossed a total of $403.4 million worldwide despite working on a budget of $130 million. Prior to the release of Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott revealed in an interview with Variety that a prequel was in the writing phase, but its poor financial performance at the box office led to speculations that FOX has decided that another installment wasn’t ideal.

Speculations as to if there ever will be a sequel to Alien: Covenant was laid to rest on March 20, 2019, following the acquisition of 2st Century Fox by Disney. Disney eventually released a statement at the CinemaConon on its commitment towards the development of more alien films before going on to reveal that a sequel expected to be directed by Ridley Scott is currently being written.

Facts We Know So Far About An Alien: Covenant Sequel

Having earlier stated that a sequel is currently being developed by writers, here are a few known facts about the upcoming part.

1. It is expected that the sequel which will complete the trilogy (with Prometheus and Covenant), will address several questions left behind from its previous installment such as; why David was tampering with Xenomorph DNA, how did David overpower Walter in a brawl, Did Shaw make it to Paradise and most importantly what does David plan to achieve from the whole saga?

2. The focal point of the sequel will be based on the adventures of David the android, who is highly sought after by revenge-driven engineers for committing genocide against the former inhabitants of Planet 4 through the use of a black liquid.

3. who played the role of David (the android commissioned and created by Sir Peter Weyland) in Prometheus and the Alien: Covenant has reiterated his desire to work with the legendary movie director and producer once again. During an interview, he described his immense love for his character; he, however, placed more emphasis on his desire to return to the role, giving the fact that the last installment left several questions as regards his fate unanswered.

4. There is currently no title for the upcoming Alien: Covenant. A title will be revealed in the nearest future, pending when the sequel passes the writing phase.

5. Following the bad financial outing by Alien: Covenant this upcoming sequel may just be the last chance for the Alien franchise to redeem its already wrinkled image.

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