Isabella Sermon Bio, Personal Life and Facts About The British Actress

Isabella Sermon is a young actress from Britain who got famous for starring in the 2018 science fiction adventure film, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”. In the film, she played Maisie Lockwood and has received praises for her expert portrayal of the character.

She is very much a young girl who is currently in her teens, but her exceptional portrayal of Maisie Lockwood brought her lots of attention, such that is mostly enjoyed by older and well-established actors and actresses in the industry. Find out more about Isabella below; how she is combining her schooling and acting career, in addition to learning so many other things we have gathered about her.

Isabella Sermon Bio

The actress was born just over a decade ago on the 8th of July 2006 in London, England. She is of British nationality while her ethnicity is English. There isn’t much information yet about her family, but we have it in good records that she has two sisters and a brother as her siblings.

You might be wondering how she is faring in school considering her involvement with the acting industry from such a tender age. Well, Isabella Sermon is currently being homeschooled so as to be able to balance the demands of becoming a successful actress and completing her education. So far, everything has been working out well for the youngster and reports have it that she has even relocated from her birth country to New York in the United States of America in order to give her acting career a bigger exposure.

In the one movie that she has starred in, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which Isabella Sermon began filming in the Spring and Summer of 2017, she played the character of Maisie Lockwood, a nine-year-old who has lived in the Lockwood Estate all her life. She acted alongside Hollywood stars like , Justice Smith, Rae Spall, and .

She became a prominent feature in the film when the animals were being transported from Isla Nublar to the mainland and in the actions that ensued following the collapse of the security system in the facility. Based on how the film ended, her character will play a vital role in the future of the dinosaurs and their co-existence with the human race. In view of that, we may still see Isabella Sermon reprise her role in the next Jurassic World film.

Personal Life 

The British actress is still a kid. At her age, it isn’t strange to find nothing when you go searching for information about her love life. For now, Isabella Sermon is all about her schooling and her acting career. Though we are not saying definitively that she has no boyfriend; it’s just that there is none that we know about.


Other Facts About The British Actress 

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom grossed $1.305 billion from a production cost of $170 million. The film was so successful that it made Isabella famous almost instantly. Needless to say, she was part of those who made it famous so she deserved the fame and fortune she reaped from the work. For now, estimates of the young actress’ net worth has it that she is worth about $100,000.

Considering her age, and with more blockbuster roles expected to come her way, Isabella Sermon will definitely be on an early jolly ride to the top echelon of thespians in the acting industry.

From what we deduced about her on Instagram, Isabella Sermon seems to be a lover of nature. She has many pictures she took in lots of greenery backgrounds.

Her hobbies include traveling, listening to music, and drawing.

Isabella loves Italian foods, her favorite colors are girly pink and purple and, California is her favorite place.

  • Body Measurements and Features

The young British actress is still a growing child and of course, by the time the next Jurrasic World film gets released, she will have grown some more. However, for now, she stands at a height of 4 feet 10 inches (1.47 m) and weighs 38 kg (83 lb). Isabella has blue eyes and blonde hair.

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