Jack Pattillo – Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts

Jack Pattillo – Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts

This Texan man is part of a long list of social media success stories. A closer look at his pursuits, however, will tell you that he approaches things quite differently from the typical social media personalities. Jack Pattillo is a businessman at heart. He is also an actor, independent filmmaker, and a very successful YouTuber, and an all-around internet personality.

Jack is mostly recognized as the co-founder of the video game-focused enterprise, Achievement Hunter, which in itself is a part of the parent company Rooster Teeth Productions. Pattillo started the undertaking with one of the founding members of Rooster Teeth, Geoff Ramsey.

Has since the days of Achievement Hunter has become a cyber celebrity and has regularly attended high-profile conventions like PAX, Comic-Con, and RTX.

Jack Pattillo Bio and Age

Born in Austin, Texas, on January 3, 1982, Jack Shannon Pattillo attended The University of Texas at Austin. He spent five years from 2000 to 2005 at the institution graduating with a degree in filmmaking.

Pattillo’s career started in the filmmaking industry started in February 2006, when he was brought on board by Aspyr Media as a Creative Video Producer. He served in this capacity until December 2008. However, a few years prior in 2001, he started working as a writer for Ain’t it Cool News, a responsibility he handled for over eight years, culminating in July 2009.

A few months after leaving Aspyr Media, he was hired by Rooster Teeth Productions, a media and entertainment company in Austin, Texas. Here, Jack operates as the Senior Producer at Achievement Hunter, one of Rooster Teeth’s subsidiary enterprises. Achievement Hunter is the brainchild of Jack Pattillo and Geoff Ramsey, one of the main guys at Rooster Teeth.

Pattillo and Ramsey co-founded Achievement Hunter in July 2008. The website is geared towards creating content for gamers and game lovers everywhere. Pattillo fulfills dual responsibilities as a video editor and website manager.

Achievement HORSE

Jack and Geoff work together on almost every project. One of their crowning achievements was when they started Achievement HORSE, a weekly video game series. On this series, Jack and his partner receive maps created by their gamers along with played clips on how to complete them. Pattillo and Geoff then attempt to complete these missions while competing against each other. The game is played such that for every round the map is completed, the loser gains a letter in the word “HORSE.” A letter is gained for every loss until the complete word is spelled.

The video game series gained so much popularity that sometimes Pattillo and Ramsey decided to cut down time spent playing the game by playing a truncated version of it called Achievement PIG. As the game gained popularity, other personalities from within the company began to get in on the action. This inspired a spin-off series called the Achievement HORSE One-Handed Edition. Here, other staff members try to complete the map with one hand, with each given three chances to do so. The competition grew to the point that Jack started holding annual knockout tournaments.

Pattillo’s Fails of the Weak series

Jack Pattillo and Geoff Ramsey are also known for starting the equally popular Halo-based Fails of the Weak series. In this series, both men would compile interesting video clips sent in by members of their audience, and create a montage of these clips while spicing it up with their unconventional commentary. These video clips include anything from gameplay clips and fail, to glitches from Halo 4 and a lot more. Since its inception, the series has grown into a massive YouTube channel that has also featured other personalities in the absence of either Jack or Geoff.

Voicing roles and other endeavors

Besides with work with Geoff on Achievement Hunter, Jack Pattillo has also been involved in other projects, some of them independent of Rooster Teeth Productions.

He has worked occasionally with the Drunk Tank team as well as being the regular co-host of the Achievement Hunter Weekly Update (AHWU) with Geoff Ramsey. Jack has also lent his voice on various animated projects. From 2008 to 2002, he was involved in four episodes of the animated television series Red vs. Blue, where he voiced the character known as Murphy. From 2010 to 2016, he was also in 13 episodes of Rooster Teeth’s television series Rooster Teeth Shorts. By the next year, he had appeared in nine episodes of Schooled.

Other projects he has been part of include: Kinda Funny: The Animated Series; Lifestyle Classic; The Eleven Little Roosters, RWBY; and Uno: The Movie.

Jack Pattillo – Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Other Facts
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Who is Jack Pattillo’s wife?

Jack did not have to search the corners of the earth to find love; he just had to go to work. Jack Pattillo met Caiti Ward after he had been brought on by Rooster Teeth. Caiti, like her husband, is a voice actress and model. She is known for her association with Jack’s employer, Rooster Teeth, and has worked with them on several projects.

She and Jack were both involved in projects like iBlade, and RWBY. Caiti has also been in other movies and television series like The Strangerhood 2, Presence, Macabre, Givertaker, and Day 5. Ward is also a butterfly ambassador for Life Changing Experiences Foundation, an organization in Australia focused on improving lives.

It is unclear exactly when Jack and Caiti became an item, however, the couple got hitched on November 12, 2013.

Jack Pattillo Height, Net Worth, and Other Facts

The YouTube star stands at an average height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.82 m)

His net worth is speculative at best. It is evaluated by a few online sources to be at $450,000

Rooster Teeth does work annually with a non-profit known as Extra Life Charity. Jack is in charge of organizing the annual live stream for the charity on behalf of Rooster Teeth.

When Jack married Caiti, the best man on the day was fellow Austin boy and Rooster Teeth colleague, Joel Heyman.