Jack Reacher 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Everything Else

The Jack Reacher film series, judging by the rich story from which it is adapted (novels by British actor Lee Child), had every potential to become one of the most successful film series to hit Hollywood. Following the release of two films – Jack Reacher: One Shot in 2012 and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in 2016, there have been questions surrounding a third movie – Jack Reacher 3.

But, if you’re a hardcore fan of Jack Reacher, then you would know that the making a third Jack Reacher film isn’t exactly straightforward, but if you’re not that much of a Jack Reacher geek and just wondering about the release date and possible cast of Jack Reacher 3, then find your answers below.

Jack Reacher 3: Release Date

From the release of the second Jack Reacher movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Backmany, especially critics, doubted the possibility of the release of Jack Reacher 3 and the reason is obvious. Unlike the first movie in the franchise, the second installment received less favorable reviews from critics and also performed lower than expectations at the box office. While the first Jack Reacher movie made $218.3 million against a $60 million budget, the second one which was actually a stand-alone sequel rather than a continuation of the first film made a mere $162.1 million from a budget estimated to be as high as $96 million. This was a disappointment as most film series usually have the second installment perform better than the first.

Critics described the second installment as being overly monotonous and even poked fun at the title, advising people to “Never Go Back” (to watch the movie). Rotten Tomatoes managed to rate it at 37% while on Metacritic, reviews came to 47 out of 100, based on 43 critics. On CinemaScore, audiences rated the film at a B grade, down from the A grade given to the first movie.

The poor performance of the second Jack Reacher film regardless, there were a few others who had anticipated the release date of Jack Reacher 3, possibly with hopes that it could bounce back. There are after all lots of Jack Reacher stories to tell as there are over 23 Jack Reacher books, including short stories all penned by the British author James Dover Grant whose pen name under which he wrote the books is Lee Child.

2017 passed and then came 2018 and there was still no news regarding the release date of Jack Reacher 3 and then in mid-2018, reports surfaced that the Jack Reacher film series had been discontinued and that there would be no Jack Reacher 3.


Though there would be no Jack Reacher 3 movie, the franchise has not been completely discontinued, there is just too much story to tell about Jack Reacher. In November 2018, Lee Child gave his fans hope that while there would be no other Jack Reacher movie, there was a television series in the works.

Lee Child revealed that he had penned a deal to make all of his Jack Reacher books which are over 23 into a television series. Fans had earlier thought that a television series rather than a film series would have been the perfect medium to convey the complicated lifestyle of Jack Reacher.

So far, no first look or trailer of the upcoming TV series have been released.

Skydance Television and Paramount movie – both media houses involved in the first two films would also handle the making of the television series with Skydance controlling more rights. At the time, reports from sources revealed that the making of a Jack Ryan television series was still at the developmental stage with its producers brainstorming on what direction the entire Jack Reacher franchise should go. , in July 2019, reported that Amazon had also come on board for rights to develop the series.

Jack Reacher 3 Cast

Though no reports have surfaced regarding the cast of the Jack Reacher reboot, it would no longer feature action hero who was criticized by readers of the Jack Reacher books for not being tall and hunky enough to depict the Jack Reacher that Child described in his books. This turned out to be part of the reason why the second movie did not really sit well with fans.

Speculations are that who had earlier reached out to Jack Reacher producers initially for the titular role that went to Cruise could be considered as he better fits the hunky description of Reacher in the books.

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