Jackie Aina – Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Husband or Ex Husband

Famous YouTube superstar Jackie Aina is as much a beauty influencer as she is a global change activist. The Nigerian-American beauty started out as a professional makeup artist and has gone on to become a well-established beauty and lifestyle vlogger. Jackie Aina has garnered a massive online following since joining YouTube in 2008 and has become an authority on all things beauty, especially for people of color.

A true trailblazer, Jackie hit the 1 million subscription mark in December 2016, becoming one of the first women of color to attain the highly coveted feat. In 2018, she was honored with the first-ever NAACP YouTuber Of The Year Award. Aina’s advocacy for diversity in the beauty industry has also yielded great fruit as she landed a major collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics to develop more inclusive makeup products.

Jackie Aina Biography (Age)

Jackie Aina was born Jacquelyn Lonje Olayiwola Oyeshola Bolayemi Aina on August 4, 1987, to an American mother and a Nigerian father. She was raised in Los Angeles, California alongside 6 younger siblings.

From a very young age, Jackie Aina developed a keen interest in all things fashion and beauty. However, her father preferred that she pursued a “more conventional” college degree. The young Jackie eventually enrolled in college as a pre-med major, however, she was unable to see it through.

In 2008, Jackie was encouraged to join the United States Army Reserve (USAR) by her college boyfriend who was also in the army. She started her first YouTube channel in 2009 as a way of providing much-needed beauty and makeup tutorials for people of color. Aina later received training at the Vidal Sassoon Academy located in Santa Monica, California. Being a professional cosmetologist, she landed a job with international cosmetics brand M.A.C. Jackie later worked for Bobbi Brown cosmetics while also holding down her own career as a freelance make up artist.

Since 2008, she has steadily grown her followership to well over 2 million and counting. In the very competitive world of social media influencers, Aina stands out for her sharp-witted honesty. She is also known to delve into topics which other influencers dread, even at the risk of hurting her own growth in the industry. This makeup guru has established herself as an authority on all things beauty and lifestyle and her following currently cuts across people of all races and both genders.

In addition to her strong advocacy for increased inclusivity in the beauty industry, Jackie Aina equally uses her global influence to speak out about social issues such as racism and gender equality. In 2016, she was enlisted alongside 6 other top female YouTube stars as a United Nations Global Change Ambassadors in order to propagate the message of gender equality to all corners of the world.

Her Net Worth

As a social media influencer, Jackie Aina currently enjoys a massive following across several digital platforms. Her eponymous YouTube channel boasts of well over 2.4 million subscribers and a whopping 188 million cumulative views. To a layman, these numbers are mere stats, however, to a professional YouTuber, these figures translate to serious financial benefits.

Being a make-up guru also has its financial gains for Jackie as she earns several juicy partnership deals with major brands. Aina’s net worth is currently pegged at a conservative estimate of $150,000.

Boyfriend, Husband or Ex-Husband

Getting married may be in Jackie Aina’s plans for the near future, however, that has not yet come to fruition. At the moment, the YouTube beauty influencer is in a blissful relationship with British-born entrepreneur Denis Asamoah a.k.a. Mr. Work Smarter.

In addition to being a business consultant, Asamoah is also a writer, motivational speaker, and life coach. He equally learned how to design websites so as to be able to create one for his famous girlfriend Jackie. Their relationship is said to have started back in 2014 and, their social media presence as a couple is unrivaled. Just like his lovely leading lady, Denis Asamoah equally has African roots as he is of Ghanaian descent.

Before shooting to internet fame, Jackie Aina was previously married and living in Hawaii. According to her, she was miserable in the marriage and it eventually ended in a divorce. Though she’s very open about her lifestyle with her followers, this aspect of Jackie Aina’s private life has remained very well-guarded over the years.

The famous YouTuber has nonetheless revealed that she sold off her wedding ring from that marriage and used the money as a down payment for a car. This superstar definitely wants to do away with that part of her life history as every other detail about that marriage has remained concealed.

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