Jaclyn Glenn Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

American Youtuber Jaclyn Glenn may not be as turbulent as anticipated but she has surely justified her status amongst her counterparts. She is strong, talented, and knows the nitty-gritty of the business. Apart from her status of being a Youtube star, there are other things you need to know about her.

Jaclyn Glenn’s YouTube channel is the kind that keeps the curious type glued and eager to know more and more about her views and stands on social issues. This takes us to the known fact that the YouTuber is an Atheist, although she presents the idea in a slightly controversial way. This has not stopped the curious ones from digging deep into her background to fully understand where she is coming from and how she came to be her kind of person. Having said that, Here are five things you need to know about the YouTuber.

Jaclyn Glenn’s Biography

Jaclyn Noel Glenn was born on March 25, 1988, to her parents in Palmetto, Florida, USA. Jaclyn attended South Florida University where she earned a degree in Biomedical Sciences. Glenn later attended a medical school after which she became a primary care physician. But following the success of her YouTube career, she drew the curtains on that field.

She is also an actress and a writer. Jaclyn wrote the Official Donald Trump Song Hump Trump in 2016. She is also known for her other works, Alex and the Single Girls (2017) and That (2017). Below are other things about Glenn that you need to know about.

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Jaclyn Glenn

1. She is an Atheist

This is no longer a hidden fact that needs to be dug up by some investigators. However, there is the need to shed light on what she does as an atheist. Glenn does not believe in the supreme being ‘God’ and greatly criticizes the practices of Christians and Muslims on her self-titled YouTube channel, which has over 500,000 subscribers. Glenn often says that she is not an advocate of Atheism+ (Atheism plus radical feminism). Although it sounds quite confusing; hearing the things she says, you need no soothsayer to know what she believes in. Simply put, if you do not wish to leave your Christain faith you may want to sieve the things you hear on her channel.

2. She Used to be a Roman Catholic

It is quite ironic that Jaclyn Glenn who used to be a Roman Catholic now preaches against the same faith. Jaclyn was born in a devout Catholic home and was brought up with the teachings of the Roman Catholic church.

3. How She Became An Atheist

As she grew she began to question the teachings of the Catholic church with regards to divorce. Glenn had contrasting beliefs which were opposed to the church’s doctrine on divorce. And this was how it all began. Not wanting to be controversial, she still stuck with the divorce teachings while she held on to her stands. It remained this way even when she started her YouTube videos. Glenn created her first YouTube channel in 2011.

While she maintained she was Catholic, her opinions had greatly differed from the church’s stands on different issues. Glenn who was liberal on certain issues came out in 2012 to announce to her fans that she was an atheist and an agnostic. Her bashings of Christianity earned her the affection of Atheist leader Richard Dawkins who is now her biggest fan.

4. Stance on Feminism

Glenn has made strong remarks on feminism, especially what she calls radical feminism. Women, she maintains are not equal with men. This view of hers caused many feminists to regard her as an MRA (Men’s Rights Movement apologist). But the youtube star seems not bothered by this as she has continued to speak against feminism.

She still maintained her stance on feminism even during the period of the massacre by Eliot Rodger where she excused the misogyny-inspired killings of people at the University of California, Santa Barbara by the 22-year-old who later committed suicide after the event. According to her, Rodger’s monstrous act was rather linked to mental illness and not misogyny.

5. Personal Life

Wondering if she could catch some male admirers even with her controversial life? well, she sure did. Glenn used to be married to a high school teacher, whose name is not known. The couple who got married in 2010 split after three years in 2013, on the grounds of cheating on the part of Glenn’s husband, as well as differences in their beliefs. It was reported that her spouse was not in support of what she promoted on her YouTube channel.

Glenn soon moved on and relocated to Los Angeles after the divorce. While in LA she got entangled with DaveDays who is also a YouTuber. Their relationship lasted for two years before they broke up. She then went on to date Richie Giese in 2016, after which they broke up the following year.

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