Jaclyn Smith Bio, Spouse, Net Worth, Daughter – Spencer Margaret Richmond

Jaclyn Smith Bio, Spouse, Net Worth, Daughter – Spencer Margaret Richmond

How well do you know Jaclyn Smith? Anyone who watched the Charlie’s Angels television series of the 70s would definitely know the only ‘Angel’ that stayed with the series for its five-season run, from 1976 to 1981. Jaclyn Smith is an American actress and businesswoman who left her hometown in Texas to pursue a career in dancing.

The actress was very passionate about dancing from a young age, donning her first pair of dancing shoes at the tender age of three. When a dancing career did not materialize, Jaclyn Smith got a job modeling for Breck shampoo.

A chance to star in the ABC television series Charlie’s Angels came in 1976, after which she starred in television movies like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy which earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Jaclyn later starred in several miniseries and television movies including Rage of Angels, the 1988 adaptation of The Bourne Identity, and Windmills of the Gods. Apart from her success in the entertainment industry, the iconic actress has a very successful clothing line – a collection of women’s wear she designed for K-mart.

Jaclyn Smith Bio

The age-defying actress was born in Houston, Texas on the 26th of October, 1945. Her father, who works as a dentist, is of Russian Jewish ancestry while her mother, Margaret Ellen, is of Welsh, English, Irish and Scottish.

Jaclyn’s attended Lamar High School in Houston, Texas where she completed her high school education in 1964. She later proceeded to Trinity University-San Antonio to study drama. Armed with a university degree, Jaclyn Smith hit the city of New York with the hope of establishing a career in dancing, however, fate and providence had other plans for the actress. Her professional aspirations shifted from dancing to modeling and ultimately acting, which is responsible for the fame and stardom she enjoys today.

In addition to the entertainment industry, Jaclyn is also a thriving businesswoman. Her introduction to business came when she launched her very successful clothing line. The rest, as they say, is history.

Who’s Her Spouse?

Jaclyn Smith has been married four times so far. Her first attempt at marriage was to the then-popular actor, Roger Davis, on the 29th of November, 1968. However, the couple got divorced by the 15th of January, 1975. Her next marriage was to fellow actor, Dennis Cole, on the 29th of October 1978, but their marriage still ended in another divorce on the 23rd of July, 1981.

Jaclyn got remarried the same year to a cinematographer, Anthony B. Richmond. This time around, the marriage lasted from 1st August 1981 till 1989 when they separated in a seemingly amicable divorce. Before their separation, the couple had two children together; their daughter, Spencer Margaret Richmond was born in 1985 while their son, Gaston Richmond, was born in 1982.

Jaclyn Smith Bio, Spouse, Net Worth, Daughter – Spencer Margaret Richmond
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Presently, the American-born actress is married to Brad Allen who works as a pediatric heart surgeon in Chicago, Illinois. The couple tied the knot on the 11th of October 1997. Their marriage seems to be doing wonderfully well in both the home front and in the line of business, as the duo has created a successful skincare line together.

Her Daughter – Spencer Margaret Richmond 

As previously mentioned, Jacyln has two children, Spencer and Thomas. Jaclyn and Spencer, who are look-alikes as most mothers and daughters seem to be, share a very close relationship. They have both worked together when Spencer joined her mother as the face of her clothing line.

Spencer is married to American Broadway, television, and film actor, Fran Kranz who is best known for his roles in the series Dollhouse and the film, The Cabin in the Woods. The couple, who got married on the 15th of August, 2015, have one child together – a daughter. Spencer’s daughter who was born in 2016, inspired Spencer and Jaclyn to launch a baby clothing line together.

Jaclyn Smith Net Worth

Jaclyn Smith, who has been named by Harpers Bazaar and People Magazine twice as one of the most beautiful people worldwide has accumulated a jaw-dropping net worth of $90 million. According to records, her handsome net worth was accrued from her acting career and her countless investments in the business world. Although she does not act as much these days, her business reportedly brings in over $100 million annually in gross sales.