Jade Eshete – Bio, Partner, Everything About The American TV Actress

They say black is beautiful and Jade Eshete is a true representation of that sentiment. She has won the hearts of her fans with her elegance and beauty. Her popularity rose when she appeared in the BBC American series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. The series is an adaptation of Douglas Adams’s best-selling book with the same title. Her character, Farah Black, was well-loved by most people who watched the series.

Jade Eshete is also a model. Her prolific modeling career has seen her appear on the cover of top modeling brands. Some of these brands include Dark & Lovely, Essence Magazine, L’Oreal Paris, Marshalls, SoftSheen-Carson, and QVC. Beyond her most popular TV series, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, she has been on a couple of other shows.

There are quite a lot of interesting things about the dark and lovely Jade Eshete.

Jade Eshete’s Bio

Jade Eshete was born in Brooklyn, New York on the 9th of January, 1985. Her mother is Guyanese and her father is Ethiopian, this makes Jade a multi-ethnic person. Regardless of her parents’ origin, she was born in America. This makes her an American citizen by birth. And as an American, she has been living her American dream.

She started displaying what she was made of quite early in life. At a very young age, she developed a passion for dancing. As a result, she joined the National Dance Institute in New York. There she tried to build her dancing talent. Her dancing focus was mostly ballet.

Though Jade was passionate about dancing, her parents had other plans for her. They didn’t see her building a profitable career in dancing. So, she was taken out from the National Dance Institute and enrolled into The City College of New York. She graduated from CCNY with a degree in structural engineering.

Who Is Jade Eshete’s Partner?

One of the parts of Jade Eshete’s life that is not in the media’s spotlight is her romantic relationship status. She has done a great job keeping her love life away from the prying eyes of the media. She seems to be more focused on building a profitable acting career than dabbling into relationships.

However, she has admitted that she isn’t cold stone when it comes to having romantic feelings. She had developed a crush on a guy named Jason Gong while in high school. Jason was Chinese-Italian and very cute, which Jade revealed in an interview. Apart from that, she isn’t tied up with anyone at the moment.

Everything About The American TV Actress

As soon as Jade graduated from The City College of New York, she started a career in modeling. Her dark skin tone made her a top choice for brands like Dark & Lovely and SoftSheen-Carson. She had a flourishing career as a model while building up her portfolio for the entertainment industry. Her modeling career saw her feature for top commercial prints such as L’Oreal Paris, Marshalls, QVC, and Essence Magazine.

Jade Eshete’s career took an upward climb when she started taking stage roles. Her first role was in Gary Griffin’s The Color Purple. This was part of the national tour of the musical where she played the character, Squeak. Her singing talent also took her way up the stage ladder. She was a featured singer in Diane Paulus’s International tour of Hair.

As an actress, she is mostly featured in TV shows. She has had quite a great time appearing in a couple of TV series since 2015. Her first-ever TV role came in High Maintenance, where she played Jaden in one of the show’s episodes. She also did three episodes of Shades of Blue as The Receptionist and one episode of Deadbeat as The Drunk Girl.

Jade Eshete’s big break came in 2016 with her role as Farah Black in Max Landis’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Her role was phenomenal and she appeared in 17 episodes of the series that showed from 2016 to 2017.

After finding fame in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Jade went off the screens for more than a year. She returned in 2019 with a role as Fatima in Ramy. She is also appeared in It’s Bruno and Billions where she played Rosa and Lauren Turner respectively.